Discovering Creativity as a Busy Homemaker

Finding your hobby as a busy mom and homemaker

The Importance of Discovering Your Creativity

Ahhh, creativity. I feel bad for creativity as it is often down-played and neglected. As busy mommas, we can be SO caught up in our to-do lists (which I make and never remember to bring with me) and our tasks for the day. Every now and then I will look out our window and see the word “creative” jumping down the street to find a new home because I have mistreated and neglected it for so long now.

There are many times when I find myself crabby and down-right mentally exhausted which my lovely husband sometimes picks up on my “mood” and suggests that I go to bed earlier. To my dismay, I often reply with a glare in return. How dare he insist I get some much needed rest when I still have three tasks on my task list! Shame on him…

The crazy thing is, I realized that my crabbiness and mental exhaustion is often minimized when I participate in activities that bring a smile to my face such as my blogging and painting. When I work some time into my schedule to paint, I find myself a happier woman. Who knew!

I’m going to take a leap of faith and assume that maybe the reason we tend to be crabby and exhausted is because we are not exercising our unique, creative talents!

Also known as:

Neglecting ourselves of our gifts God has given us. 

God blessed us with children to nurture and raise up toward Him but He did NOT give us our children and husband as a buffer to neglect our own needs and our own desires. Of course there comes a time when we need to set our desires aside but that doesn’t mean that we are called to forget about them entirely.

I think it is a very good idea to practice and participate in the hobbies we love in front of our children. It demonstrates to them that we are human! It could also add a new deserved respect in our children’s eyes because they see their parents being people and not just being… parents.

Discovering my hobbies while being a busy mom and homemaker

Think of something that YOU enjoy doing: not your husband, not your kids, not your neighbor down the street.

Think of what you enjoy!

Got it? Now go do it! Right now. Drop what you’re doing (or at least finish reading this post because you’re awesome) and go put a smile back on that face by participating in an activity you actually love doing.

Sorry moms, poopy diapers and watching Frozen for the 1000th+ time are NOT your hobbies. Get out there and find your own hobby!

Discovering my creativity as a busy mom

I have always loved painting. Painting has often been my go-to activity when I needed some “me time” however now that I have aged, I actually find myself enjoying writing and photography. Although my photography is with my iPhone, it still turns out pretty awesome for only doing it a couple of months!

So, maybe you’re in the predicament that many other moms are in with thoughts like “I don’t know what my hobby is” or “I have no talent”. What do you do when you think you have no hobby or talent?

Go out and find what gives you joy!

Everyone has creativity and talent; it doesn’t matter who you are. If you have a living, beating heart you have creativity in some– if not all– aspects of your life. Many people often associate creativity with talents like singing, painting, dancing, and playing an instrument. The problem is this is that these are FINE arts which would be just one category of creativity a person can have. 

Creativity can come in all shapes and sizes but that doesn’t mean that any idea is less than the other, they are just different.

Stuck on finding a creative outlet to pursue? Try one of these!

  • Sports: Beach volleyball, dodgeball, softball, skiing, ice skating
  • Fine art: Watercolor, oil painting, photography, calligraphy
  • Music: community band or choir, solo instruments, karaoke, accapella groups
  • Gardening: Flowers, vegetables, landscaping
  • Decorating: interior decorating, interior design, cake decorating, etc. (too many to list)
  • Culinary Arts: Baking, meals, cake decorating
  • Beauty: Fashion, makeup, hair dressing, nail art
  • Reading: fictional and nonfictional books, research, magazines
  • Home improvement: Cosmetic and non-cosmetic fixes around your home or others
  • Paper Crafts: Mache, scrapbooking, card making, invitations and gift tags
  • Writing: Writing a book, writing a blog, writing in a diary or journal, writing love notes
  • Other crafts: Chalk paint, chalkboard art, and other DIY projects.
  • Computers: Graphic designing, coding, programming
  • Fabrics: Quilting, garland making, seamstress, rugs, you name it

The list could go on and on but since I am on a time limit– AKA napping toddler– I had to stop with that. Any activity you love to do is considered your hobby and that hobby then becomes your creative outlet.

Discovering my creativity as a busy mom

This is my “creative station”. Not very pretty– except my pink computer– but it does the job and helps inspire the mindset I need to access my creative thinking. As you can see, on the wall to the right I have created my own prayer wall similar to the idea in the War Room
movie. It is a HUGE encouragement when I am just a lump of exhaustion! When i’m sitting on that chair (thinking about crying), I will look up and see all the verses about how much God loves me. It’s all about placement and strategy, right? Out of sight, out of mind and in sight, in mind!

Making a creative station is a great way to help access that creative corner in your brain. Sometimes we just need something to get us out of the current “funk” that we are in and our usual hangout spot in front of the stove or sink is just not gonna cut it!

If you have a craft room, great! That is one step ahead of me. I have an extremely small rental house so it was a huge blessing that my husband let me use part of our living room to make a craft corner. Kind of an eye sore but hey, it helps a ton!

Take some classes, courses, seminars, whatever!

Something that can help YOU discover who YOU need to be. I love classes and courses because I love learning, that is just my personality type. My husband, Vander, would rather be locked in a padded room. Classes are just a fantastic way of helping us to explore different creative outlets that maybe we never thought about before and they also help educate us on a topic that we might want to know more about.

If you’re on a tight budget, check out Ecourses which are budget friendly– if not free– and can be taken at any time you would like! This is the most ideal for us busy moms and homemakers. They are convenient, cheap, and informational.

Discovering a More creative YOU

I am currently offering a course called Discovering a More Creative YOU which includes 5 lessons. I originally made this course to help those of you who just have absolutely no clue about anything DIY and pinteresty. So, I set up five basic lessons to help explain in detail some popular crafty trends going around such as: chalk paint, Mod Podge, Graphic Design, basic interior decorating tips, and Doodling.

Simple, simple and completely free. Designed to help those creative cogs in your brain ticking! If you would like to learn more, you can check it out here.

Last tip: Just start doing something that you think you may enjoy.

No more “what if’s” or “buts” or “I can’t”, you can and you should! If you’re curious about photography, take your camera and go try it! If you’re curious about cake decorating, get in your kitchen and decorate a cake! You’ll never know if you like something until you try. Yes, you may fail. Yes, it can be embarrassing.

But, what is more embarrassing? The fact that you tried and failed or that you didn’t try and still failed?

Just try it, you’ll never know until you try. This is like a pep talk to my husband! “Just try the brussel sprouts, you may end up liking it!” And you know what? He did end up liking the brussel sprouts, and the asparagus, and the quinoa, and the frappuccino at Starbucks.

So, what creative activity are you going to pursue today that you love doing or want to do? Leave a comment below and inspire the rest of us!

Discovering creativity as a busy homemaker

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  1. Wow , this is something i really needed to read !! Ive been trying to figure out exactly how to start the blog I’ve always wanted to since i was a teenager . I am definitely wanting to learn more about the process of making a blog, but i do know that Ive always wanted to because i love photography , did some college in graphic design , but I kept jumping back and forth between nursing and photography . I am actually almost finished and once i take my test ill be certified Phlebotomist! 🙂 which has a big meaning to it and then now I’m seriously feeling the urge to somehow start blogging for side / hobby fun time because to me it’ll be therapeutic . I could go on and on lol …

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