Bedroom Decorating Tips for a Strict Budget

Budget friendly decorating tips for the newly married

We recently moved into a home much smaller than the last and so we have had to be very creative with the way we decorate. When moving into a new place it is very tempting to go out and buy a couple decor items for the front room, a new kitchen utensil, and maybe some towels for the guest bathroom, am I right? Sometimes parents are tempted to decorate the children’s bedrooms to youthful perfection. For me I love to decorate what my guests tend to see first when they first walk into our home. I want to send them off with the feeling of comfort and warmth. Because of this mindset, our master bedroom is often neglected and overlooked.

Decorating the bedroom is seriously an essential part of marriage. Seems trivial, I know. However, there are two main reasons why you decorate your master bedroom first.

1– The well-known fact of “you spend the majority of your life in the bedroom.”

2– I’m going to be completely honest with you. Is that alright? It is?! Good.

If you’re anything like me, it’s hard to get in the “sexy mode” when there are huge clothes piles on our bed and when my room looks like a cave. When I think about making love with my man, I am not thinking about doing it in a cave. When I think of something that is romantic I think: long white sheer curtains being lightly tossled from the soft breeze. I think of being pulled onto a bed with a huge down comforter that envelopes my body. I think about my bare feet walking over plush carpets. I think about the bedside lamps giving off a soft glow to help the “mood”.

Okay, so that may be a little too descriptive for you but basically what I’m saying is that as a woman you’re going to have a harder time “getting in the mood” when looking at all the things you need to do.

So let’s make a pact right now that we will keep our rooms clean, organized, and lightly decorated.

Say it with me! I will keep my room CLEAN, ORGANIZED, and LIGHTLY DECORATED.

A decorators oath

Because really, sex is an important part of marriage. God made it for husband and wife to enjoy together. So let’s not hinder that essential part of marriage by being too lazy to fold the clothes on our bed. At least put them on the floor!

Just a note: I am not saying that whether or not your room is decorated is going to drastically change your sex life. BUT– if you’re anything like me– you’re going to be put-off when you notice all the junk in your room.

Here are some ideas as to how we can decorate our master bedrooms, especially on a budget! 

Get creative

The thing is, as a married couple we NEED to put a little effort into decorating our bedroom. This doesn’t mean you have to go out to the nearest Bed Bath and Beyond and spend $500 to accomplish this, sometimes all it takes is adding your own special touch to the room. When we were first married we decorated our room with pictures of us, of our family, and ones we had drawn in the past that had sentimental meaning. I used our beautiful isle runner to make a canopy over our bed! We strategically arranged our mismatched knick-knacks on anything that had a flat surface and even though it wasn’t necessarily what society would consider the prettiest of rooms, it was ours.

Another thing I like to put in our room is our marriage vows. We both wrote our own marriage vows to each other and I kid you not, the vows my husband wrote to me are my favorite thing in the house! I have his vows on my night stand and I read it every night because it is in eye-sight.

That’s what decorating is all about! It’s not about having velvet, satin, silk, yada yada yada. It’s about having meaningful, inspiring objects strategically placed throughout your home. It’s about creating an atmosphere YOU feel comfortable in. If you’re not comfortable, you’re not going to be very happy.

Look up some DIY pins on Pinterest

My husband found a DIY project with a wood board, nails, and string to make a decorative string heart for our wall. If you want to check out some cool tutorials on Pinterest for string art you can Click here.

A while ago my husband also used mason jars and oil to create picture frames and added a small branch of lilac in the jar. The lilac is now preserved and so is the picture that rests in it! Such a unique idea.

–My husband is such a sweetheart, how did I get so lucky?

Pinterest was also my #1 guide to chalk paint. I wouldn’t say I am an expert now, but I definitely know my way around the block. Pinterest’s tutorials have helped me figure out the “science” of painting furniture to make the farmhouse look instead of buying from Pottery Barn. Because, let’s be real, pottery barn is EXPENSIVE and when I walk through that store I think “I could make that” about ummm 51% of the time.

We view our bedroom as our safe haven.

Our bedroom is a place to retire for the day– and because we are now friends and can be honest with each other– it’s a designated place to reconcile the love in our marriage. So, I try to keep our bedroom as a “no kids” zone. That doesn’t happen as much as I’d hope at the moment because of the season we are in, but that is my eventual goal. I love my children, but I don’t want to be thinking about them when I am being romantic with my husband.

Cheeto fingers, breast milk stained shirts, grannie-panties, and dirty diapers ALL do not pass our bedroom door.

Plus, it’s the only area in the home were I can freely decorate without worrying about my baby crawling into some decoration trap!

So, with these ideas in mind, we decided we needed to come up with some makeshift “blue prints” of what we wanted in our bedroom and began to act on them.

Here is what our mental blueprint looked like


budget friendly decorating tips for the newly married





We wanted to clear the clutter

Clutter is just such an eye sore! If you only take away one tip from this post I would say this would be the one to focus on!

Our books and textbooks were creating the hugest clutter castle I have ever seen so we went on a mission through second-hand stores and garage sales to find the perfect book shelf. It took us a while to find one on the cheaper side but we held out and eventually we found one that was on sale!

I also cleared up some of my nick-nacks. I love the souvenirs I have collected from all my traveling to other countries BUT I don’t want my room to look like a dust collecting corner at a grandmother’s home. Not only did those souvenirs not match, they also were prime candidates for cobwebs and dust collecting. Ick. So I picked a couple different souvenirs that went with the theme of our room and boxed the rest up for another time.

decorating tips for a strict budget






With little money, I wasn’t really concerned about making the theme so prominent that people could guess what it was. I mainly picked a theme because it helped me stay on track with spending and color coordinating.

Having a theme helped me decide on what to purchase and REALLY helped me say “no” to objects that would have absolutely zero purpose in my room. There would be times when I found a really cute vase at TJ Max or curtains on sale at Bed Bath and Beyond but I was able to stay strong and not purchase them because I knew they would not look good with the theme I was trying to create. My thinking is that if the curtains were on sale once, they will be on sale again. Unless it’s being discontinued… then I’m kind of out of luck. But if you’re not going to hang them up because they don’t match then there really is no reason to purchase them, sale or not.

Having a theme also helped me color coordinate a couple pieces throughout the room. I love the farmhouse look so of course that was the theme I chose. With farmhouse in mind, I set out to find the ideal comforter that would be decent priced and matched with the theme I was trying to create.

I found a comforter set on sale at Bed Bath and Beyond that worked perfectly with our farmhouse theme which was right within our budget at $100. Although it wasn’t the one I really had my eye on, it still makes our room look much more put together. We also went to TJ Max and found a matching curtain set and rug. SCORE!

furniture arrangement is key






We wanted to arrange our furniture to open and brighten up our room as much as possible.

This is a trickier part of decorating but probably the most necessary.

Nothing drives me more bonkers with decorating than people not utilizing their space better! Of course most people don’t understand or don’t care but I’m thinking “if you would just move your chair in this angle and move your mirror over here… you

would have the appearance of twice the space!” Or, “I know you love this paint color and I am so glad it gives you joy… but if you used it as an ACCENT color rather than the whole house color it would look much less busy and yet keep your guests eye constantly moving to positive notes in your house.”


We have a veryyy small room and a king sized bed! We had to figure out

After Every Move We Always Decorate the Master Bedroom First, Here's Why
Here’s a picture of our finished Aspen Tree curtain rod project.

how to fit our bed and our new side tables/dresser found at the Prairie Sisters Vintage Market in this small room and still organize it so that it seems bigger. One trick I learned is to hang your curtains a couple inches above your window frame. This draws the eye to the ceiling more. Another trick is to strategically hide as much clutter as possible and make your bed! A cluttered up room looks about half the size as it really is.

In the picture to the right, I used an Aspen tree for curtain rods. We have the problem of having such a low ceiling that I could not hang the rods at the perfect height but I was still able to hang them just high enough that the curtains do enlongate the windows slightly.

Side note: Besides hanging the curtains higher, you should also make your rods wider than the window to make the windows appear bigger.

I’m sure some of you are thinking there’s no way something so trivial could make such a big difference but I promise you it does! If you’re skeptical, temporarily hang your curtains in both positions and see which one looks better.

budget friendly decorating tips for the newly married







Nature is such a beautiful thing! I love looking at nature and thinking “God created this, man didn’t”. God is so powerful and I like to add objects into my home that remind me of this (I know you’ve heard me say that so many times but I can’t reiterate it enough!)

I sent my husband on a mission through a part of the forest outside our home to find the perfect Aspen tree to chop down.

He was not a happy camper about this project.

We used that tree to create some beautiful curtain rods without spending a dime on them. I have to laugh at this story now because at the time I couldn’t understand why he was so hesitant to go out in the rain to chop down trees.

I also love having our bedroom window open. May not be the smartest idea but it connects me with nature and keeps our room smelling fresh rather than morning breath and sweat!

Plus, nature is free! Using branches to make artistic decor or maybe pressing flowers and leaves to add some wall art are both ways to decorate with nature and not spend a penny.

Hopefully that gives you a push in the right direction. I mean, we have tons and tons more plans for our bedroom but we started and that’s what counts! Keep following the blog as I am sure I will be posting more about our bedroom decorating journey.

Our bedroom is beginning to feel more like a home and less like a storage unit. Plus it’s fun to find out what my husband likes and dislikes with decorations, after all, they say that you can tell a lot about a person by the way they decorate their space, right? 😉

If you enjoyed this, make sure to check out how we decorated our daughter’s nursery under $50!

If you are still having trouble with decorating and don’t know where to start, contact me! I am offering half off the normal price– a limited time offer of $30–  interior decor consulting. Official page coming soon!

What’s your style of decorating? Farmhouse fresh or maybe Contemporary Chic? Leave a comment below! 

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