How to Decorate Your Home Like Joanna Gaines

How to Decorate Your Home Like Joanna Gaines in THREE Easy Steps

How to Decorate Your Home Like Joanna Gaines

It doesn’t take much to realize Joanna Gaines is currently ruling the decorating world. A woman who did not go to school for interior decorating, did not grow up fantasizing about decorating, nor did she ever dream about being where she is today. But, here she is! Her decorating skills are being watched on National TV and she has gained millions of followers who adore her decorating style and what she stands for.

To me, it’s crazy to think that Joanna Gaines didn’t even go to school for decorating! Instead, she went for communications. All of her decorating intuition comes from… well, intuition. Not from countless hours in a decorating school and internships. This shows me that, once again, we do not necessarily need college to achieve the dreams we strive for! Dreams can be accomplished with hard work, dedication, and persistence — and not just a diploma.

(Of course, don’t get me wrong! College is super important for many professions and for obvious reasons I really hope doctors, pharmacists, etc. aren’t skippin’ out.)


Decorate your home like Joanna Gaines

You all know I have been a fan of Joanna Gaines since episode ONE of Fixer Upper. Throughout the years (seasons) of being a Fixer Upper binge watcher, I am beginning to notice key details she uses to accomplish her desired look. It’s almost like a formula for decorating; a little of this, a little of that, and POOF — it has been Joanna Gaines-afied.

If you have read the Magnolia Story then you are aware that the beautiful couple struggled very much with money. Joanna talks about how every month they would figure out a way to scrape by. Because of their financial struggles, she had to figure out ways to decorate their new homes creativity which is how they resulted in the adorable (but odd) Magnolia sign! The letters were an odd find of Chip’s that Joanna was able to use for a sign at her first shop.

Basically a lack of funds forced Joanna Gaines to be creative with her own homes which turned into a business and now a national frenzy!

God certainly works in mysterious but wonderful ways.

So, without any further blabbing on my part — let’s jump into three ways to decorate like Joanna Gaines!




Never underestimate the power of color.

Painting your walls and adding colorful accent pieces/rug are a great way to add character to your home without spending a ton of money. It’s amazing how different a room can look when you add a coat of paint on the walls and Joanna knows this trick very well!

Many of the Fixer Upper’s that Joanna tackles have one thing in common: they are older homes. Homes that were constructed quite a while ago tend to be not as spacious as the homes which are built now. Because of this, Joanna almost always uses the number one decorating rule which is to paint the walls a light color.

This is why many of the homes feature either an off white, light grey (in many different tones), or a sea foam blue/green. With lighter colored walls, the light will reflect off of them RATHER than be soaked into the dark color.

Have you worn a black shirt on a hot day (with the sun beating down on you) before? Yeah, we have all made that mistake. If I wanted to be that cooked I’d just jump into an oven — it’s about the same feeling. Anyways, it’s the same thing when it comes to a home’s walls. The dark color absorbs the light while the light color reflects it.

If you want a good, detailed post on the paint colors Joanna uses then click HERE.

Besides these facts, choosing a right color for your walls also correlates to color therapy. Joanna really strives to create a “clean” appearance which is another reason why it’s good to use these lighter colors. Sometimes she uses a dark blue for a moody appearance and other times she does a full wall in nothing but raw wood (to add rustic character).



If you watch Fixer Upper, you have probably noticed that many episodes feature a small clip of Joanna visiting Jimmy Don — an iron designer. These signs add a lovely chic yet rustic touch to almost any room.

via Magnolia Market

Many of the Fixer Upper homes also feature metal dining chairs, open shelving with metal piping, metal lighting, metal framing, and metal storage.

Metal, metal, metal, metal, metal — I’ll be honest with you, I am not good with differentiating the types of metal BUT I can tell you that Joanna often uses metal as a frame for a wooden piece or by itself as a statement piece.

I’m going to throw this in here (because I can) — I wanted to fit everything into three main categories and the category “metal” seemed to be the perfect fit for pendant lighting.

how to decorate your home like Joanna Gaines
via HGTV

(I picked this picture to show the pendant light BUT this is also the perfect picture to show the metal table frame and wood accents.)

Pendant lights are often a key statement piece in the beautiful Fixer Upper homes and here are a couple I found on Amazon to re-create the look!

Found on Amazon for $19.12

Found on Amazon for $57.67

Found on Amazon for $48.99



In every episode (I think?) Joanna Gaines features the ever so talented Clint and his beautiful woodwork. And, it seems that she always tries to incorporate barn wood. Why? Because wood accents are the perfect touch to any fixer upper without costing a fortune!

how to decorate like Joanna Gaines
via HGTV

Sometimes it’s open shelving while other times it’s large banquet tables, wood beams, planked walls, wooden shutters, and of course, SHIPLAP. Joanna Gaines has taught me that decorating elegantly doesn’t mean that you need pockets full of money. Sometimes all you need is to incorporate the elements around you (such as wood and metal)!

How to decorate like Joanna Gaines
via HGTV

Take a look at this picture above.

Joanna uses the power of a beautiful paint color, a wood accent wall with a wood framed mirror, and an industrial wire metal basket. I feel as if you incorporate these three major qualities, the rest will seem to fall into place. There isn’t that much to this bathroom, really; I mean the decor is fairly simple. She really only uses the three elements we talked about above and somehow, someway the “theme” for this bathroom is very clear.

Keep in mind that less is more AND that includes colors: Joanna really loves the color white and anything crisp to counteract the old decor touch. Sometimes it doesn’t take a lot to create a beautiful “interior decor” picture.

And maybe it’s more complicated than that. But, for me it looks like an equation; one part color, one part metal, one part wood.

decorating your home like Joanna Gaines







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  1. And don’t forget shiplap lol!! Which I guess could be included in your “wood” category. I love Mrs. Gaines and all of her designs (:

    • Yes, shiplap! Although I didn’t mention many Joanna tricks directly, I’d definitely say that would go under wood! My idea was to make it very easy for newbies — broken down into three main categories. 🙂 Thanks for the comment, Gina!

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