How to Decorate Your Baby Nursery with $50

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How to Decorate Your Baby Nursery with $50

How to Decorate Your Baby Nursery with $50


As Parents, it’s common for us to want to decorate our children’s rooms. We want to create a beautiful ‘nest’ for when our new little one arrives and the baby industry is well aware of that! I enjoy visiting local baby boutique stores but I often find myself loving the decor and not loving the three digit price for some twigs and twine. I would look at the decor and despite the beauty I knew that I could make a knock-off if I just did some research and set a little time aside each day.

One helpful thing for us was that we had saved all of our wedding decorations which I could re-purpose to decorate the nursery with.

Here’s how I did it!

1. Pick a baby nursery theme and stick with it.

Having a theme in mind helps keep you on track so that you don’t buy stuff that are cute but end up not using them. I picked two themes that complimented each other, the first being butterflies and the second being nature.

I knew before I became pregnant that I would have butterflies in my daughter’s nursery. The reason I picked butterflies is because of the movie The Ultimate Gift. Abigail Breslin plays a young girl with cancer who makes the statement of butterflies being hand-painted by God. Each butterfly is unique, no two are the same. So, a little too complex for a baby but I want my daughter to love and treasure the unique way God has made her.

I chose nature as my second theme because I want to teach my children to love the world God has created for us. Nature is made by God’s hand; it is not man-made.

I suppose butterflies could go inside nature but I felt like each one deserved to be recognized.

Here are some other adorable baby nursery themes:

Woodland Themed Baby Nursery
via Fawn Over Baby


Nautical Baby Nursery
via Project Nursery


Classic Baby Nursery
via The Glitter Guide


Adventure baby nursery
via Style Me Pretty



Now it’s your turn to go on a Pinterest quest and search for your perfect baby nursery theme!

2. Pick your baby nursery basic color scheme.

Depending on the theme you chose, you’ll probably be limited to a certain group of colors to choose from. For example, if you chose the Woodland theme then pink would probably not be the best primary color. Or, if you chose Nautical then I would stick with a shade of blue to be the primary. Stick to something that’s going to compliment your baby nursery theme.

Okay now I am going to let you in on a big secret. Keep listening!

We have all head of Sherwin Williams and their beautiful paint colors but alas, they can get very pricey rather quickly.

The solution? Every paint store has a paint database. Because of this database, you can easy request for a specific Sherwin Williams paint color at an average Joe paint company. All you need to supply is the paint color’s number and the paint associate can plug it into their database for the “recipe”. Pretty great, right? So no need to spend all your baby nursery savings on Sherwin Williams paint when you can get the same color cheaper elsewhere.

Here’s another trick to help you save money: stick to white. White is a very versatile color meaning you can use it in almost any theme. Try painting the dresser and crib white. Or, leave the walls white and paint the dresser and crib the accent color. White is classy and white can make any theme look like a million bucks. The best thing about white is that you can dress it up with beautiful colored wall accents and knick-nacks without making a person’s eye go over board.

I did not want to go the typical pink route so I picked a soft lilac color and added a couple yellow accent pieces to brighten up the baby nursery. Eventually I plan on adding a pallet sign with the lyrics to ‘You are my Sunshine’ painted on it. I just haven’t gotten to that project yet. Woops!

3. Check out garage sales, Goodwill, coupons, and store clearance for baby nursery items.

The shape you find an item in doesn’t matter too much because you can always fix it up! I found a dresser sitting next to some dumpsters and had my husband drag it back to our place– he thinks he is abused but I love him anyways. We sanded the dresser, put some lovely yellow paint on it, and fixed up a vintage styled mirror to rest on top. Lastly, I had to add a yellow teacup planter I received from my grandma to hold my daughter’s hair accessories.

After the dresser project I gathered coupons for Michaels  (which are not hard to find) and went to buy decorative scrapbook paper which was used for an outlet decoupage project. That Michaels trip was a win win for me because I just happened to go during their paper sale! I ended up buying a fancy grade paper for around $.20+/- each so all together my decoupage project for the baby nursery costed around $3.00.

I also bought wooden letters from Michaels that were $1 each and another $8 jar of mod podge. The letters were used to spell my daughter’s name on the wall behind her crib as the accent piece. All I did was mod podge decorative paper to the name blocks and glued left-over ribbons from Christmas on the back for hanging. They turned out beautifully and I only did spend around $8 on that prject.


Michaels can very much be your friend if you play the “Michaels game” right. Meaning, never buy an item from Michaels without a coupon! Seriously. They mark up the prices so that when you use the coupon it seems like a great deal. However, the trick is to use the coupons on top of their specific sale days. Each day at Michaels they are featuring a different artsy project or item, keep watching their emails and wait for the perfect sale to pounce on the good deals! I always watch their ads for fine art sales which are usually during the week days such as Wednesday or Thursday.

4. Lastely, be creative!

Creativity is your best friend when you’re trying to save money. My mom was always creative with making meals because we lived an hour and a half away from the closest Walmart which meant we ran out of food items often. I believe she is how I learned the art of creativity.

There is always something to be made out of something! It’s called repurposing, it’s an actual art of recycling objects with no use anymore and creating something beautiful such as the dresser I told you about earlier.

Have any leftover wood? Create a beautiful hand painted sign to hang on your baby nursery wall or a shelf for a reading nook. Have any leftover fabric? Sew together a makeshift slip cover for your rocking chair if it is an eye sore like mine.

I gathered fishing line, clear beads, ribbon, and a wooden circle used for embroidery to create a fake chandelier much like THIS one. It turned out beautifully and cost me about $5 total because I used some stuff I had collected over the year!

And then I used the left over scrapbook paper to cut out a ton of small butterflies which I glued to a couple branches that I planned on being my statement piece; these branches were originally from the altar at my wedding. I cut the branches apart and glued them in a way that made them fan out on the wall. Below is a picture of the finished project.

So hey, maybe you’re saying “that’s great Tenesha but it doesn’t help me if I don’t think I am creative” which is where I come in! I created a free course (which I am developing into a free Ebook, available soon) with YOU in mind. This course is designed to help you with five basic projects as a creative wannabe: Chalkpaint basics, very basic graphic designing, learning how to doodle, and decorating 101. These courses are designed to give you a look through my eyes and help teach you how you too can be a person ever-flowing with creative ideas. You can find out more about it HERE.

How I Decorated My Baby Nursery Under $50

P.S. I apologize for the absolutely terrible picture. Here, I’ll upload another one…

How to decorate your baby nursery with $50



Okay, is it safe to say that I suck at picture taking with my iPhone? LOL

How did you save money on your home decorating? Leave a comment below! 


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