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Date Night Ideas

I love date nights. I love date nights with my husband. I love being a mommy. And besides Jesus, motherhood is the greatest blessing God has given me! However, there are times when it can be extremely hard to have a date with my husband. I’m chasing after our energetic toddler all day and my husband is working at the fire station. By the time her 6p.m. bedtime rolls around we are exhausted and have a hard time carrying out the plans we had for that evening.

As a married couple it is important to have that time to reconnect and be reminded of the many reasons why you loved each other in the first place. My husband and I love the established bedtime being at 6p.m. so that we have a good amount of quality time together.

Here is a list of date nights at home that we enjoy doing!Stay-at-Home Date Night Ideas

  • Bake together- We love to cook and sometimes we try to tackle a famous dish such as Crème Brulé, Filet Mignon, fancy cupcakes, or as my husband says “the classic chocolate chip cookies where you only cook half of the dough and eat the rest while they are cooking”.
  • Camp out on the living room floor with blankets and pillows doing a favorite activity!
  • Play a board game- Ever so often we will buy a new board/card game to play or we will play one we already own.
  • Do some online shopping- Call me crazy but we are in a public online yard sale on Facebook  and some nights we do some “online shopping” together. We have found some great deals since doing this too!
  • In the winter we make homemade hot chocolate and snuggled up to watch the movie “Elf”.
  • Spend the evening on the porch together- Sometimes my husband will make a crazy version of a fire pit and we will make s’mores. Once they are ready we like to sit outside and talk each others ears off,.
  • Do a project together- I have taken up the hobby of re-purposing our furniture and my husband loves to help when he gets off work. Together we are creating something and talking while doing it. Doing a project together helps reinforce the idea of a union and not opposing teams.
  • Take a drive- Sometimes we can’t wait until our daughter goes to bed so we will all go out for a scenic drive. If we don’t have the time to drive that far then we will check out the fancy houses in the new neighborhoods. Yvette loves this because she will often get her favorite snack of Yogurt melts!
  • If you’re a techie type of person why not try to play a game of Trivia Crack together or Words With Friends. It’s a little easier to keep the conversation going while playing Words With Friends because it’s not timed like Trivia Crack but both are fun.
  • Do some garden work- The other day we went outside as a family to fix our garden beds for spring and rake the left-over leaves. We had a blast and our daughter loved digging in the dirt with her own shovel.
  • Read a book together- We are currently reading the Left Behind series when we go to bed. My husband extremely dislikes reading but he does it for me which makes both of us happy.
  • When we are driving we like to play the game of “guess this song”. All you do is try to guess the song playing on the radio before the other person. We were both music majors at one time in our life so we love this game. He is really good at the christian stations because we plays in our church worship band but I dominate with the classical being the piano major that I was.
  • Take a walk- We take morning walks on the weekends. It’s nice to get out in the morning to hear the birds and smell the crisp air before it gets too hot outside.
  • Try to draw a portrait of each other- This one is a little more silly but still makes for some great laughs! The trick is to not show unless it’s a finished project.
  • Watch a movie together or rent a redbox movie This may seem like a no-brainer but I really have to work on staying put for a whole movie. It’s really hard! My mind is thinking of all the things I should be doing but I know my husband needs some one-on-one time with me so I sit.

It doesn’t really matter what you prefer doing as a couple as long as you’re doing something together! One evening my husband and I had a blast making a tie fleece blanket for our daughter right before the due date. He did the cutting while I did the tying and although he complained about me torturing him most of the process we still shared many laughs together.

What do you do as a stay-at-home date night? Leave a comment below!


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