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Hey ladies!

I’ve been DYING — literally dying — to tell you all about this new mama fitness bootcamp I have been apart of. But, I told myself that I could not spill the beans until I tried it, loved it, and wanted to share about it.

So, here it goes!


Best fitness programs for young moms


Since the birth of my daughter, Yvette, two years ago… I think it’s safe to say I have put on a couple of pounds. And, although my body seemed to conceal that extra weight fairly well, I knew I needed to do something before my attempt at a second child.

But, after multiple different weight loss programs, hundreds of dollars into weight loss shakes, dieting, and consistent exercise I only lost 10 pounds of the 35 I had gained through pregnancy.

Those pounds just wouldn’t budge!

I was beginning to spiral down into a small depression and asked myself the typical question of, “is it even worth it?” 

Was the money spent worth it? 

Was the time wasted worth it?

Was the stress over how many pounds I weighed worth it? 

You see, I think the biggest problem I had with all of these “dieting” programs was that my mind was MORE focused on how many pounds I was going to lose versus how great my body feels when it’s taken care of. More often than not these programs are run by independent consultants who push for numbers to prove legitimacy or possibly to meet quotas. You know?

It’s not that they are bad programs, it’s just that the focus is very much money and number oriented. But my small weight gain was a personal, depressing issue that clashed with the openness and mathematical bluntness that these programs pushed.

And that’s when I decided to quit. To me, the stress of losing weight was greater than my actual desire to lose the weight.

Fitness program for Christian mamas

However, a couple of months after quitting all weight loss programs Kara from karaswansonfitness.com reached out to me and I instantly knew I had to give her a try. 

Here’s why….

1. Kara is not focused on pounds, she is focused on creating a healthier happier YOU.

2. Her program is designed to teach you how to live a healthy life rather than a diet life.

3. Kara educates her students about what we are putting in our bodies and how it effects us.

4. The programs focus words are “hope” and “confidence” instead of “pounds” and “diet”.

5. She encourages her students to figure out what our bodies are feeling over what the scale is saying!

6. Kara acknowledges and accepts cheat days and/or fun days. This is a lifestyle not a death sentence.

7. She is also a mom and knows how hard it can be to lose the inches that just don’t want to budge.

8. It’s not about starvation, it’s about creating a healthier lifestyle. If you’re hungry, eat! Just make the right food choices.

9. Kara is a Christian mom like all of us! Her morals and values are focused on community and inspiring all of her students.

10. The bootcamp is small enough to get one-on-one support from Kara (the coach). If you are struggling or depressed about your journey, she is only a click away.


On top of all of that, I loved that Kara’s bootcamp included

  • A gorgeous nutrition plan pamphlet that outlined everything I needed to know.
  • A ton of clean eating recipes. You can make your own sweet potato toast? Who knew!
  • Sample meal plans.
  • Continuous tips and resources for all of us mommas.
  • One heck of a workout program.
  • And, of course, a wonderfully supportive community who are all in the same boat.

And what does it cost? $149!Or, $99 if you bring a friend.  

However, IF you follow the link I provided below, I will provide you with a 10% discount. Which means your entire bootcamp will only be $134! 

Already sold? Click HERE to get your 10% off.

I know! I couldn’t believe it either but I promise you it’s true. No hidden fees, no gimmicks. (I know, I sound like a gimmick myself but I promise you I am currently in the bootcamp as we speak on 3/17/17.)

With other programs you can spend over $100 A MONTH just on weight loss shakes.

However, with Kara you will gain lifelong knowledge about eating healthy so that someday you can make those “weight loss” shakes yourself! There is no reason to spend over $100 every month when God has already provided us with the tools we need to create the healthiest shake ever.

To summarize: Yes, I totally think this program is completely worth it if you’re tired of the over-commercialized weight loss products that do absolutely nothing. But, more than that, I think the best part was learning how to eat with the food God has already created for us. Processed food is SO, SO bad for us; it’s time we seize our lives back and treat our bodies the way God has asked us to  — with care and respect. Our bodies are our temples, we need to nourish them with proper food and strengthen them with proper exercise.

Also, for all of you who were wondering, I am still working on losing those pounds! This Christian mama bootcamp was exactly what I needed to educate myself into a healthier lifestyle. The pounds are every-so-slowly beginning to trickle off — yay!

Are you ready to join the bootcamp this month? It’s starting March 27th ON THE DOT — don’t be late to this opportunity! 


Fit Mama Tribe -- exercise/fitness for moms!

Also check out the Fit Momma Tribe if you live in Iowa!

P.S. Ladies, I do receive a small commission from this boot camp but I promise you everything said above is true. I DID join the bootcamp and I do love it! 

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