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Last week I was surfing the Pinterest world when I came across the most adorable cupcake painting from Wayfair. I thought that cupcake painting would be the sweetest (pun intended) addition to my daughter’s toddler room.

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However, when I clicked on the image and looked a little deeper into the picture, I was not too content with the price. At $61.99 plus shipping, it just wasn’t doable for our current situation — especially since it’s only a print.

So, I did what any Pinterest loving, crafting blogger mommy would do.

I created a Wayfair cupcake painting knock off.

I was a little reluctant to make this painting at first. Why? Well, because even a Pinterest loving, blogging momma like myself get’s burnt out. It’s just life. The Beauty Within Boutique and selling paintings around town has been time-consuming and has left me slightly, very slightly drained.

But in a good way. You know? Because I am finally bringing in a small extra income that my husband and I needed.

Anyways, I’m going off on a tangent.

Here’s the cupcake painting and how I made it!

(Don’t worry — this painting only requires a *teensy* amount of artistic ability.)

Wayfair cupcake painting knock off tutorial


Below is the Wayfair cupcake painting that I stumbled across on Pinterest.

Aw, isn’t it cute? With that sideways bow, pink watercolor swirls, and that touch of color? A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E. I’m sure you can definitely see how I saw this painting as the perfect addition for a little girl’s room.


Wayfair cupcake painting
via Wayfair


What you need

  • Canvas ( You can find a 12 pack of 8×10 Canvas pack on Amazon for $11.96)
  • Watercolor
  • Matte sealant spray
  • Pencil (for tracing)


1. Sketch the cupcake.

Depending on the size of your canvas you can do it one of two ways.

1.1 If you are making a small canvas, you can create an outline of a cupcake graphic in a computer program. Print out the outline and tape the paper on a window with the sun shining through. Hold the canvas over the paper so that you can see the cupcake outline and trace onto the canvas.

1.2 Or — how I did it — you can free hand. I am sure that there is a simpler way to do this but I have yet to come by it. However, good thing the design is relatively easy to draw!

The base of the cupcake is a “smile line” and the sides are just slightly curved lines. Drawn a long but thin oval for the opening of the base but erase the part of the line where the frosting is supposed to be.

For the frosting draw three ovals overlapping each other just a bit; each one smaller than the next. On the smallest oval curl (or swirl) one edge. And, as you can probably tell, erase a small bit of the oval in the center of the frosting AND erase the lines that are overlapping into the smaller oval.

The most difficult part is probably the bow. It’s a little challenging. This is where you may want to get a bow outline off the computer and trace it into the canvas. You can do it!


2. Blacken the outline. 

I did this step with black watercolor. I could have done it with permanent marker (which I often do) but I wanted the effect that watercolor creates.

Wet the black paint with a couple drops of water and use a fine tipped paint brush to get a more precise line.

3. Add some pink!

Watercolor on canvas takes a while to dry — it’s not like watercolor on watercolor paper. Phew, even when you think it’s dry, somehow, someway you’ll smear it. Goodness. But it’s completely worth it!

Anyways, once the outline is dry, take a larger paintbrush and smear some pink paint on in a swirl motion. Try not to touch the outline as much as possible. However, the good news is that you do smear the black it’s very easy to blot up with a napkin or cloth.

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4. Smear it out. 

Once the pink dried a bit, smear the edges of the pink out with water. How to do this? I just dunk my paint brush in water and paint the water on the edges of the pink. Or, you can wet a cloth/napkin and smear it out. There are many different ways you can smear paint!

5. Final touches. 

I added a light stroke of purple in the top pink swirl. There are also very faint pink and purple strokes in the bow. How I achieve this look is by dipping my paint brush in color and then dip the color into water to water it down.

Lastly, there is the signature “brush drag” near the bottom of the cupcake.




6. Seal the package.

Take your matte sealing spray (which you can find HERE) and spray it lightly over the painting. This is a FANTASTIC product, especially for watercolor — I know because it’s the exact one that I use. Anyways, it really helps in keeping that watercolor in place and keeping the colors vibrant.

And you’re done!

All together I spent around $3 on this project if I wanted to be technical. I buy my canvas packages in bulk at Michael’s with coupons so I paid about $2.00 per canvas. The last $1.00 is a guess about how much paint and sealant I used — which is probably an over guess.

And if this all sounds too time consuming, you can always purchase the painting at Wayfair.

This is such a CUTE project so have fun, relax, and lose yourself in the adorable swirls of an even more adorable cupcake!

Let me know if you tried this project and feel free to share a picture of your cupcake painting in the comments! I would love to see it. 

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cupcake painting








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