Cultivating Meaningful and Eventful Meals Every Time

cultivating meaningful meals

I greet August with mixed emotions every year. On one hand, it is the very middle of summer making it the best part. Kind of like the middle of a grilled cheese sandwich! On the other hand, though, August reminds me that summer is nearing an end. School will be starting back soon, stores are already displaying fall fashions and I keep seeing those “Only ____ more weeks until Christmas” posts in my social media newsfeed!

 cultivating meaningful meals

While this month may bring it’s share of goods and bads, I have read that the summer months are a great time to save a little money by eating supper at home rather than at restaurants or doing take out. That sounded like a good idea to me, but my work schedule is so crazy that I usually end up at a restaurant every night of the week. Eating at home is just not an option for me unless I want to start cooking something at 6:45 and still be in the kitchen cleaning up at nearly 8:00PM. No way! Do not sign me up for that!

What if you did want to eat at home more in these last few weeks of summer, though? How could an at home meal be enjoyable for a family, yet easy on mom? (Because it is her summer too!) How could a single woman make her at home meal feel special rather than just slapping a sandwich on a paper plate?

Keep reading because I am going to share my favorite supper time secret with you!

Like I said, I usually eat supper while I am out,  but every now and then, I get to eat at home. However, my meals at home are so rare that I do not keep a lot of real food at my house. For that reason, my last minute, at home dinners are usually made up of deli meat, chips, sweet tea and some cookies.

How can last minute at home meals feel special?

I’ll tell you a secret: it is all in the presentation!

What does my supper look like?
First, I roll the deli meat into perfect little rolls to look like a fancy appetizer. Okay, no, I don’t use the toothpicks with the colored paper at the top but I do display my turkey rolls in a perfect line on a plate. Also, a pretty glass plate, because presentation is key to dressing up supper. I drizzle a nice mustard across the turkey rolls, too! Next, I add some chips to the plate. Not just your basic potato chips, though. Try using baked sweet potato chips or carrot chips. They look nice, have a rich color, are much healthy for you and they taste great!

Our next step to a nice “at home” supper with whatever you have in your fridge is to SIT DOWN. That’s right, go enjoy your kitchen table. This is not a time to eat while standing at your kitchen bar sorting through your mail. This is supper time with your family. Go sit down with them and enjoy your stress free supper!

Turn on some soft music in the background, add a small vase of flowers to your table, use forks instead of just your fingers, feel that delicate glass in your hand, serve cookies on a platter rather than from the box….take it all in!

Why am I sharing this random meal idea with you today?

I want you to know that you do not have to have anything special to make your daily life feel special. There is nothing Satan wants more than for you to be so discontented with your life or the life of your family that you just stop trying. He wants you to be jealous of the other women in your life because maybe they can afford the nice restaurants every week or they have the newest appliances or that gorgeous outdoor kitchen.

We all have things on our wish lists and that’s fine. According to those ever present newsfeed posts, Christmas is just around the corner! However, mom, you have everything you need right now to make your family’s life rich, special and full of memories. You do not have to wait to start capturing those special meal time moments.

Single woman, you are not stuck in limbo waiting for that husband and family so that your meal times and daily life stuff have value. You are already priceless and everything you do for yourself, even meals should make you feel happy.

We buy into this lie that we need this or have to do life that way in order for it to be “right”. Who defines what right is? Jesus Christ traveled endlessly during His three years of ministry. In all that time He did not own anything; no table, no silverware, no napkin rings. However, He never made supper time just an opportunity to fill His hunger spot; Jesus made meal time an event! The Gospels are full of accounts of Jesus happily eating with friends, followers and those desperate for His living water.

You can read more about this here >>> Finding Joy in Entertaining <<<

Jesus made the most of what He had and made the most of His time because He knew it was short. I would like to challenge you and myself to make every effort to capture these precious moments here on earth. We never know what tomorrow will bring so why wait for it? Dust off your fine china and break out the cloth napkins. Even if you are just serving up PB&Js or a frozen pizza, your time with your family is special. You are special. Make supper an event tonight!

There is nothing better for a person than that he should eat and drink and find enjoyment in his toil. This also, I saw, is from the hand of God. Ecclesiastes 2:24


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Hey Sisters, my name is Summer Overstreet. I am a Christ believing, Sunday school teaching, sweet tea drinking Southern belle. I have been a floral designer for fifteen years and I LOVE my job! I am new to the blogging world and am seeking to encourage and inspire women to embrace a lifestyle of joy and hope in Christ. I would love to see you at soon!

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  1. I loved this RE-focus reminder, Summer! Thank you for encouraging us to be still at meal times and embrace the blessings He has given us—not just rush to fill our empty stomachs. Oh! And I loved that you compared August to the inside of a grilled cheese sandwich! 😉

  2. I’ve been trying to be more intentional this month to eat at home when I have that option. I like your idea to present it better than just throwing a sandwich on a plate. 🙂 I do enjoy mealtimes so I want them to as pleasurable as possible.

  3. Our family eats at home most of the time so we have a lot of real food in the house. Thanks for the reminder to try and make meals special here and there. It can be hard to remember to do when you are at the other end of the spectrum (like me) because you get tired of cooking all the time.

    • Hi Rosanna, I’m glad Summer’s post resonated with you! It certainly can be hard to remember (I am in the same boat).
      Thank you for sharing!

  4. Yes, fall is quickly approaching and it will be a new season for us. I am always excited to see what God has in store for me and my family with each new season! I am seeking to live an intentional life, which means living a life meaningful to God. I love your challenge “to make every effort to capture these precious moments here on earth. We never know what tomorrow will bring so why wait for it?” I pray to live each day with intention! Thank you for sharing!

    • That’s so great, Robin! Living intentionally is so important and yet it’s the first thing that seems to go out the window in this fast paced world. I am also working on being intentional; it definitely doesn’t come easy to me.. *sigh*. But, Summer’s post has been serving as great reminder to me! Thanks for the comment!

  5. These are creative ideas for dressing up store-bought foods, and I love the special touches you mention. My children will enjoy it the next time I need to get dinner on the table in a hurry!

    • Hey Sarah, aren’t they? I love these ideas that Summer shared. Thanks for the comment!

  6. It doesn’t have to be fancy to be special, and presentation is important. Simple ideas that make all the difference!

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