Cloud Pillow for a Toddler’s Room DIY

easy cloud pillow DIY tutorial for a little girl's room

I’ve never been much of a sewer. In fact, I didn’t care for sewing and cooking at all until my mom made me take a FACS class. What can I say, she was worried about my homemaking skills!

However, I decided to be a dare-devil with this project and even posted it on Instagram! I was amazed with the comments and messages I received about the pillow so I thought, “why not share a quick tutorial?”

I’ve been in the mist of changing my little girl’s bedroom from a nursery to a toddler room. Unlike the baby nursery, this is the first project I’ve really done that I had to take into account my daughter’s personality so it’s been fun. My daughter absolutely loves animals and faces — I don’t know why but she does. She isn’t really into dolls but she adores animals (especially kitties). So, I’ve been trying to find cute Etsy products that will work great with this theme.

cloud pillow tutorial

I found this ADORABLE toddler pillow case from Oh Susannah’s which is an Etsy shop featuring designer pillows. Let me just tell you, this toddler pillow case is worth every penny! The material is high quality — extremely soft. Plus, the pillow case is very durable. I know my toddler won’t ruin it with a little rough play. I absolutely love the smiling face on the pillow and the adorable vibe it adds to the room.

Anyways, I splurged on this pillow. However, even though I found a lot of cute items for her room, I didn’t purchase them because I’m cheap.

Seriously, sometimes it’s a bad habit!

I’m cheap and I think to myself, “Oh, I could totally make that. No problem!”

Which I can! I can make a lot of these items. But then I have the problem of not having enough time. You know, there’s only so many seconds/minutes/hours in a day to finish everything I need to do. I found this out the hard way when I decided to take on each project with only a week to spare.

easy cloud pillow DIY tutorial for a little girl's room

One of my projects I decided to try was this infamous cloud pillow I’ve seen on Pinterest a LOT. These cloud pillows are adorable, useful, and positively… positive? Well, I believe that the smiling face, blushing, and sweet eyelashes have “positive” written all over it and in a world like this, I think my daughter could use a bunch of positive vibes in her room.

So, with that said, here’s how I made the infamous smiling cloud pillow!

(A sewing tutorial from a rookie)

DIY cloud pillow tutorial for toddler's room
This example is similar to the outline I used

Step 1

Find the desired material and cut into the desired shape. You do NOT have to use white. In fact, if I would have had a soft pink in my material bin I would have used that color over white. But, all I had was white.

Trace on the backside of your material the cloud shape that you want. Make sure to not make it too angled because it will end up looking like the left half of my pillow; kind of like a boot.

Cut out your shape and trace it on the back side of your material (again) to get the exact shape for the other side of your cloud pillow.

Cut out the second side.

So, you basically just want to same cut out shapes of your cloud.

DIY cloud pillow tutorial for toddler's room


Step 2: Pin and Sew

Pin the cloud shapes to each other as if it were inside-out and sew all around the edge. Make sure to leave at least an inch or two gap somewhere to turn the right-side-out and stuff the pillow with cotton.

Once sewed, cut the extra trim off.

Reach in the hole and turn the pillow right-side-out again. After this, put your hand back in the hole and shape the pillow. Make sure that each bump of the cloud has been pushed out and is to your liking!

The sewing machine that I use and 100% LOVE is my Brother Project Runway Sewing Machine! This sewing machine has been the best investment in my crafting “career”. Seriously! I promise I’m not trying to sell you a product; I just love this machine for the price — although it is an affiliate link. Honestly, for $175 — or whatever price it is (it fluctuates) — you get a drop dead amazing deal for a beginner sewing machine that has a lot of bells and whistles. You can monogram, you can quilt, you can sew buttons, and you can sew zig zags (plus much more). 

If you’re looking for a beginner sewing machine, I urge you to check this one out! 

DIY cloud pillow tutorial for toddler's room


Step 3: Stuff your pillow and sew the hole shut 

I used regular pillow cotton to stuff mine but you can do it however you like.

Sewing the hole shut was a toughie. I am positive there is a better way to do this (so don’t quote me) but all I did was quickly hand sew that hole shut.

Step 4: Add the face

This step was the most challenging for me because I had absolutely no idea what I was doing! I just saw the picture and knew I wanted this pillow to look similar so I had embroidered the eyes and mouth on with a thick black thread.

I also cut out two soft pink circles for a blush and hand sewed those on with a white thread. I could have done this step with the machine before I sewed this pillow together but the blushing was a last minute decisions.

Next time I’ll be more prepared for this project. I mean, my cloud pillow isn’t perfect. I didn’t perfect the shape and ended up with a side that looks like a boot and it piled a bit at the tops.  However, it’s still cute!

diy cloud pillow tutorial for little girl's room

And that’s how I made this adorable cloud pillow! Like I said, I am by means no expert — in fact, I’m a beginner. But, I saw all of your positive responses so I just had to share how I did it.

Thanks so much for being awesome!

cloud pillow sewing tutorial






P.S. Do you have any fun sewing projects going on? Share about it below!

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