Priorities: Children or Cleaning?

Why My Cleaning Can Wait Until Tomorrow

Why My Cleaning Can Wait Until Tomorrow

I have always been good with spending time with my baby girl. She is the light of my life and I am like a plant, I cannot grow without her sunshine. She surprises me with her sweetness and her caring nature every day. She blesses me with kisses and hugs. She shares her rocks with me! She is my forever sweetheart which is why it completely surprised me when I found myself getting so caught in the business of homemaking that I no longer noticing the small milestones my daughter had accomplished.

I remember scooping up Yvette (my daughter) to put her to bed after she had tugged on my shirt for the 100th time crying for something. I was too busy with upcoming business projects that I did not notice that she immediately stopped crying right when I picked her up. I walked to her nursery, fixed the blankets in her bed, shut the door to rock her and that’s when I noticed something so small but so monumental in my eyes.

It was a small picture with a quote that my mother gave me to before having my daughter. This quote hung up in my siblings nursery for countless years and even then it would stop me in my tracks.

Here is what it said

Cleaning and Scrubbing

When did I become so fixated on keeping the house clean that I forgot to let my daughter get a little muddy along the way? When did I become so mind boggled with business that I didn’t notice my daughter smiling at me? When did I become so stressed with money that I didn’t see that my daughter only wanted me and not those electronic toys many other children have that will only temporarily replace her emptiness?

I’m just being upfront with you guys. Of course it was not that bad but I try to put myself in my daughters shoes, a small girl without any siblings, looking up to her mommy for everything that she needs to learn and grow.

At that moment– staring at my hand-me-down quote on the wall– I realized that I was not showering my daughter with my full attention when I knew she needed me most. She was teething, she had a fever, she just needed her mommy so I picked her back up and wrapped her in a soft blanket. I brushed my hands through her baby fine hair. I brought her to the living room couch and together we watched the Wiggles for about an hour!

After our wiggles marathon, my baby and I took a shower together where she just laid her head

In this society, there is a huge emphasis on the idea of constantly being busy. We always have to be doing something! When we are not working, we are going out. When we are not going out, we are watching movies. When we are not watching movies, we are on our phone. When we are not on our phone, we are working again. The cycle never ends!

When are we going to say enough is enough?

My husband and I decided to make a change together. We now limit our TV watching and take part in more family activities. We also have cut back on phone time AKA social media and texting, we decided that if someone really needs to reach us they can call us. We also decided to combine our Facebook accounts to help limit our endless Facebook “scrolling” which has helped a ton!

I am still learning to leave work as work and mommy as mommy but because I work at home it is an endless battle. For now, I wake up around 5:30-6:00 each morning to start the work and when my daughter wakes up I am in mommy mode. When she goes back down for a nap, I go back to work! It’s definitely hard to make the switch but it’s doable and a necessity when she will only be so young for so long.

So, when I see this poem I am always forced back into reality that I am wasting these precious young years when my daughter actually wants to cuddle and kiss me.

My cleaning, my work, my cooking can wait until tomorrow (hypothetically: obviously I need to cook at some point or my husband doesn’t eat!) because soon my daughter will be grown up and out of the house. So I will not let my thoughts about work that needs to be done pester me because I am cherishing my moment with my baby and this moment is oh so fleeting.

My children are more important than my cleaning. Are yours?

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