10 Days of Christmas Inspiration Blogger Series (Budget Friendly Tablescapes)

Christmas Tablescape featuring paper anemone flowers

Hey sweet friends!

Welcome to the 9th day of our 10 Christmas Inspiration Blogger Series! Yay.

In case you’re just now “tuning” into this series, make sure you take a peak at yesterday’s rustic Christmas sign (I am so in love with it, thank you Hallie) ANDDD don’t forget to check in tomorrow for Adrienne’s free Christmas gift tag printables.


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Today I am really excited to share with you my budget friendly Christmas tablescape. As an interior design student I am always getting excited about the newest home trends and basically anything beautiful or sparkly! For some reason sparkles catch my sport-spanned attention much faster than it should. Honestly, I love glitter because it’s a beautiful way to cover up mistakes or make something look more high end.

So, I wanted it to mimic the snowy, Christmasy landscape outside which resulted in a “winterscape” theme. When I created my mood board I decided to use silver hues, white sparkles (to resemble light reflecting off the snow), brown paper (to resemble the ground), white flowers (because I am obsessed), and of course some greenery to tie it all together.

Let me know if you see the theme I was trying to go for!

Budget friendly Christmas tablescape


Tablescapes are near and dear to my heart because it’s almost like a form of art; everything is strategically placed to be esthetically pleasing and gorgeous. Plus, I mean, everyone has a table of some form so why not decorate it?


Budget friendly Christmas tablescape


All together I spent around $30 creating this table look and wayyy too many hours of my time. For the table cover I actually used brown building paper I bought at Home Depot for $12 two years ago; best investment EVER! This one roll has lasted two Christmas’s of gift wrapping, a wall hanging, worked as a paint drop cloth, etc. and is still going strong. You can certainly purchase Kraft paper from Target or something but you’ll easily spend a lot more money doing it that way.

I really wanted to incorporate the true reason my family is gathering together around the table this Christmas season so I grabbled a ruler and hand lettered Luke 2:10-11 in white paint across either side of the center piece. I’ll be honest here, this took me about two hours to complete but I think it’s going to serve as a beautiful reminder for my family so I think it was definitely worth it.


Budget friendly Christmas tablescape


The table centerpiece is actually made up of three pre-made Christmas “picks” I found at Michaels! Each pick was originally around $8 but Michaels has been having a 50% off deal for Christmas stems plus I snagged them on the rare day where they shared an extra 20% off your purchase coupon. So, don’t ask me to do the math here (too much brain power) but I’d say I got them fairly cheap.

To create the centerpiece I laid two stems opposite of each other, tucked in the ends, and separated the third stem to fill in the center holes.

Budget friendly Christmas tablescape


The glass container I found in the clearance section at Target for $2 and the candle (Cardamom & Vetiver) is from Joanna Gaines’ “Hearth and Hand“. I snagged a package of miniature Christmas trees from the dollar bin in Target for $3. And, of course, the sparkly fake snow is from Hobby Lobby.


Budget friendly Christmas tablescape

Then there’s the place setting…

We have a teeny tiny table which works perfectly for our little apartment but it also meant that salad plates were the only option for this particular look. That’s okay though, we don’t like to eat anyways. 😉

Just kidding, we love food. My husband laughed when he saw that I was trying to force cute tiny plates on him! But for the sake of this tablescape and our 4 year wedding anniversary today he wisely sucked it up and happy ate off our miniature plates.

Budget friendly Christmas tablescape


The napkins are (once again) from Target and I think they tied perfectly into this sparkly, silver theme. I put the napkins underneath the plates so that they more resembled the idea of glistening snow.

Budget friendly Christmas tablescape


And, of course, the paper Anemone flower was added on top; my absolute favorite touch! They added a little “somethin somethin” to the place setting but I also strategically place them there to resemble the new growth that will soon be happening as spring arrives!

Budget friendly Christmas tablescape


If I am completely honest with you… I am such an impatient person so sitting for half hour cutting these paper petals just about killed me. But, they were also super easy to make!


Budget friendly Christmas tablescape


For the center of the paper Anemone I tightly rolled up a cotton ball and painted it grey/black. When it tried I added a strip of partially cut black paper to make the stamens. Lately, I hot glued the white petals (made with printer paper) around the outside of the flower’s center.

Each flower ended up only needing 6 petals.


Budget friendly Christmas tablescape


And that’s how I created this gorgeous, sparkly tablescape!

BONUS: I have included a petal template that I created in case you decide to make some paper anemones! Just click and print.

Free Paper Anemone petal printable


Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for the FINAL day in our Christmas Inspiration blogger series where Adrienne will be talking all about gift tags. And feel free to head back to yesterday’s post for a Christmas wood sign tutorial!










P.S. If you love tablescapes as much as I do then I am fairly certain you’ll also enjoy Terra’s tablescape which was featured on day one!

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Budget friendly Christmas tablescape

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  1. I love this! I’m always intimidated by the idea of decorating my table for some reason, lol. Maybe I’ll give it a shot now with this new inspiration! 🙂

    • Thank you! Honestly, I find decorating a table the easiest bang for my buck because it’s such a small space versus my entire home (which I just don’t have the budget for). Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  2. Tenesha I love it! I laughed at the part about your husband with the small dishes, sounds so like my husband and his reactions to my decor choices, but he always lovingly gives in too! 🙂 Thank goodness for supportive husbands! My favorite is the flower too! I wouldn’t have thought of that. My other favorite part is the wording. That is absolutely stunning. I’m going to have to try that- on a day when I have patience! Very beautiful, thanks for sharing!

  3. So beautiful! I absolutely love the idea of using brown paper as a tablecloth. Thanks for sharing your creativity!

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