How to Make Chalkboard Cookies

How to make chalkboard cookies

Making Chalkboard Cookies Without Meringue Powder and With Royal Icing

Recently I was challenged with a task of making a batch cookies for a bake sale that my MOPS group had put together. Well, you all know how much I love to cook, bake, or anything of that nature but I really did not want to produce just an average batch of chocolate chip cookies and call it quits. After much consideration and a sleepless night filled with dread, I decided to make my own version of chalkboard cookies by compiling a couple different recipes.

Reasons why I chose chalkboard cookies? 

  • The batter and icing are relatively easy to make.
  • They are cute and inspirational!
  • I knew my talent was painting and not baking so these cookies seemed like it would highlight my positive notes! 😉
  • These cookies are pretty hardy meaning they are less likely to fall apart with handling.

I apologize, I didn’t take any pictures of the process because (to be honest) it was midnight and I was exhausted. However, I will explain the process I used and link you to the proper recipes that I complied together!

Chalkboard cookies

Ashlee Marie was my go-to girl for the dough recipe. If you have not checked out her website before, it’s really cute. Her dough recipe took me minutes to make which is great for moms with toddlers! She has a full video on her page that actually demonstrates how she makes her cookies and she even makes her own edible chalk using a straw and chocolate melts!

Here’s her video on YouTube and her website!

Chalkboard cookies

To make the icing for the chalkboard cookies, I decided to find an alternative recipe. I am a (lazy) stay-at-home mom and did not want to go to the store to find meringue powder.

Royal icing is actually more complicated than you would think! When making the icing, certain consistencies create different effects and depending on what a person is trying to create, it can be quite complicated coming up with the “perfect” icing to water ratio.

Because I was a complete newbie with how royal icing works, I decided to YouTube search a couple different videos as to how the technique works. I ended up finding a very informative video that explained (in detail) the types of consistency, the process, etc. etc.

The YouTube video is by Julia Usher and it’s just a fabulous resource if you’re trying to learn about royal icing.

Extra plus, this recipe does NOT call for meringue powder (yay).

How to make chalkboard cookies

I included the YouTube video below!


Making the icing took a lot of trial and error for me and I am completely unashamed of admitting that! I am SO glad that I made many extra cookies to help me learn which icing consistency was the best for my chalkboard cookies.

Once you have iced all your cookies, you’ll need to let the cookie dry completely. I am not sure how long– some say 8 hours, others say less– but what I did was ice them the night before, slept while they were drying, and painted them the next morning.

How to make chalkboard cookies

Chalkboard cookies

Before the final step of painting, I dusted a small amount of cornstarch with a paintbrush on my cookies to add a little more of a chalkboard feel.

To paint the cookies, I decided to use my Americolor food coloring to act as the paint. You really need to use a gel food coloring because they have a much more crisp color that can stand out against the black compared to other edible white decorating liquids. I used a very tiny paintbrush to paint the designs.

If you’re artistic skills are still “developing”, it would probably be a good idea to plan an outline for each cookie just like my chalkboard art planning. I only say this because the food coloring is… fairly hard to erase after being applied. I mean, it can be erased with water but you’ll likely rub off some of the first layer of frosting as well.

And that’s it!

How to make chalkboard cookies

Fair warning, the “painting” of the designs takes much, much longer than the whole baking/frosting process. So plan to sit for a couple hours painting! But they are extremely cute so I didn’t mind the time spent, I actually enjoyed painting them.

Happy Saturday everyone!

Chalkboard cookies










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