Butter and Crackers

Butter and Crackers -- Advice From Grandma

I am young. If God is willing, I still have a lot of life ahead of me. I have made many mistakes and have been forgiven. I will continue to make mistakes as I am a sinner but THANK YOU LORD those will also be forgiven.

Life is funny, you know? I find that the more I age, the less I know. The older I get, the more I seek wisdom from someone wiser and more experienced than myself. If only I had looked for wisdom and guidance when I was younger, maybe I wouldn’t have made so many mistakes!

I asked a pastor’s wife (who happens to be my lovely grandmother) for some words of wisdom.

This is what she said to me,

Mama was a gift from God to me.

Everything was okay when I was with her.

She did not need fancy things to make her happy. 

She was never rich with money. 

She accepted everyone.

She had hands that I just loved to look at and touch.

One of my fondest memories of my mama is the day she came over to visit.  I wanted to provide a lunch but all I had was butter and crackers.  She smiled and said that butter and crackers sound like a fine lunch, with some coffee.  We had a great lunch and not once did she say anything about how lean it was.

Mama did not always live and do what everyone thought was right, but she loved me and I love her. Mama is with Jesus now and I long to see her hands and eat butter and crackers with her just once more, but it is not to be.

Treasure your Mama while you can.  Enjoy her, talk to her, and overlook her faults, as she does yours.  Even if she is not perfect, you will have built up memories to keep with you even after she is gone.

Do not miss those butter and cracker moments!

I often found myself rejecting those I loved in the beginning of my marriage, not inviting them to my home as often as I would have liked because of my pride. I had great friends and family but I didn’t want them to come over and see the things I had and mostly didn’t have. I didn’t want people to come over and see the linoleum floor beginning to peel from the wear or the wooden drawers in the kitchen that have seen a little too much love. What I failed to realize is that those who love us (such as family and good friends) may care about our well-being but they will never feel disgusted with my peeling linoleum floor and the chipped wooden drawers. My family loves me and want to be apart of my life!

It is the same with the love of Jesus. We don’t need to hide our inner possessions because of shame! Jesus loves us no matter the scars we carry or the flaws we posses! He forgives us despite some peeling in our personality and a couple of chips in our heart. We are special to Him and He deserves us to not turn our cheek in shame but to turn towards Him with our arms outstretched.

So, this year I have decided that I am going to host the Easter brunch. I have always wanted to host a celebration and now I will put my shame aside and welcome my loved ones one by one as they enter my home!

What is the best advice or wisdom that you have received? Please leave a comment below!

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