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One Year Blog Anniversary for The Beauty Within 31

Today is the day!

Today we have reached our 1 year blog-aversary and I can hardly believe it! Woo hoo. Let me tell you, there has been some ups and downs but I am so thankful I stuck it out to witness this moment.

one year blog-aversary giveaway


One year ago today The Beauty Within 31 celebrated a huge launch as a homemaking blog and today we celebrate the success and perseverance of a Christian womanhood blog.

One year ago today that “huge” launch consisted of 5 people viewing my blog daily (all of which I am sure were my mom and grandmother). Today we have a consistent flow of around 1000 visitors per day!

Why Everyone Should Appreciate the Farmhouse Trend

One year ago today my goal was to make $20 a month after a year of blogging. Today our average monthly income is floating around $650!

One year ago today The Beauty Within 31 had three subscribers: my mom, my grandma, and my ever-supportive husband. Today we have 736 subscribers!

One year ago today I had no idea of the direction this blog would take and today we have signed on our first paid guest poster, we have paid high-end graphics, and consistent sponsored posts.

One year ago today I started this blog for two reasons.

  1. To connect with and inspire other women. I was lonely and needed an outlet to make friends and encourage.
  2. To be honest with you, I needed to make some money. My husband and I were really struggling as he worked a job he didn’t like so that he could go to night school. I saw the opportunity in the blogging world and prayed, prayed, prayed about it. I knew the amount of money I may make would ultimately be up to God — not how much I researched.

The Beauty Within 31 blog anniversary giveaway

Every view, every visit, every subscription has been the keys to The Beauty Within 31’s success. Believe it or not, every “view” counts as I try to apply for opportunities for this blog. I am so thankful for our strong list of subscribers — you all are the building blocks to this mad puzzle. Without you, we would not have a strong “frame” and our blogging home would come crumbling down.

The Beauty Within 31’s success would not be possible without you! 

This is why I want to bless one of you with a gift that’s truly special to me. Can you guess what it is? 😉

I may not decorate my home in the “farmhouse” style BUT obviously I have huge respect for Joanna Gaines. She is truly a special, Godly woman that has made such a huge impact in the TV realm and in many of our lives.

Joanna Gaines Taught me How to Find Success Through God

I believe there is such merit in putting my money in good places. I am a person that loves to support good, family companies rather than companies that don’t follow my moral compass.

Even more that that, I had to think really hard as to what the majority of you ladies enjoy and what has brought the most success to the blog; Joanna Gaines has been a consistent theme of popularity among you all.

SO, I am pleased and excited to announce that the 1 year blog-aversary giveaway prize is a $50 instant gift card to Magnolia Market!

Magnolia Market gift card giveaway

This Electronic Gift Card is redeemable at or at Magnolia Market at the Silos and it NEVER expires. Yay! It will be delivered immediately by email once the winner has been announced and verified.

How to Decorate Your Home Like Joanna Gaines


This 1 year anniversary giveaway is designed to bless one of The Beauty Within 31’s supportive subscribers. I cannot thank the subscribers enough for their loyalty and dedication to see this blog succeed.

Therefore, to enter this giveaway YOU MUST BE A SUBSCRIBER. If you are not, you can sign up before you enter.

You must comment below to let me know you entered. Just makes my life a little easier! 😉

To gain an extra entry share this giveaway AND tag me @thebeautywithin31 via Facebook or Instagram. It doesn’t count if I am not tagged simply because I will not get notified. So, share and tag me to gain that extra entry (I’ll comment and let you know that I added your entry).

The winner will be randomly selected with however I will check to make sure requirements are met before I announce the winner. 

The giveaway will be open from today (4/18/2017) until Sunday (4/23/2017). The winner will be announced Monday on Facebook and on this post but I will also email the winner! You have 48 hours to respond before I choose another winner. 

To read entire giveaway regulations, click HERE.

DISCLAIMER: This giveaway is not for those looking for a free “ticket”. This giveaway is not for those who do not want to receive monthly newsletters. This giveaway IS for Christian women who want to be a part of a community aimed towards inspiring and cultivating. You will receive emails to keep you up to date with our happenings and exciting news! You will also receive some emails with deals, discounts, and opportunities (such as our Mommy Makeup Course).

Thank you again to all of my lovely subscribers! I can’t wait to see where God takes The Beauty Within 31 this year. 

Here are a couple of goals:

  • Launch the Mommy Makeup Course
  • Promote, Promote, Promote
  • Take a speaking class
  • Write an ebook on Womanhood
  • Give back more!
  • Hire someone to regulate social media (because I dislike it) 😉

Giveaway recap: for subscribers, leave a comment below, share and tag me for an extra entry.

Much love,

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  1. This is so exciting, Tenesha!! I am beyond thrilled for you and the success of your blog! Wow, one year already! You rocked it!

    • Thank you! It’s very exciting. Thank you for entering the giveaway and being a big part of this blog. 🙂

  2. Congratulations on your first year!! I knew you could do this! I’m so proud of you!

    • Thank you! It was a rough start but we are going strong now. Can’t wait to see where God takes it!

  3. Woot woot! The Lord is establishing the work of your hands. So exciting!

    • Thank you for being a constant component to the success of the blog! I am so thankful for your support. 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for the year of inspiration that you have given to all of us Christians that want to make a difference in this indifferent world that we are living in today! You are very appreciated and I’m looking forward to all of your inspiring years ahead!!

    • Thank you so much Judy for the sweet comment; it definitely lifted my spirits today. I am so thankful for all of you who have helped build this blog into what God has envisioned it to be.

  5. What an awesome accomplishment, congratulations!! I look forward to being a part of the community you’ve created 🙂

  6. Hey guess what! Your very loving and supportive sister is entering this giveaway! So proud of you. Love you

  7. I love your blog and have been following your posts via Pinterest for awhile, but now I am officially a subscriber. Congratulations on your anniversary!

    • Thanks Christine for the follows via Pinterest and the subscribe! I hope to get to know you more via social media. P.S. Your stamp arts are so lovely!

  8. Just came across your site today on pinterest. We lead a small group in our church and I’m always looking for inspiration for the women in my group. I love your list of books to read & I will be sharing that with them. Thank you!

    • Hi Brenda, thank you for subscribing and checking out the blog. I can’t wait to get to know you more! Thank you for the encouragement and I am so glad the book list helped you with your women’s group. 🙂

  9. Way to go Tenesha! Congrats on your anniversary! Can’t wait to see where this takes you!

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