A Birthday Note for a Busy Birthday Mom

A Birthday Note for a Busy Birthday Mom

A Birthday Note for a Busy Birthday Mom

Celebrating Your Birthday with a Positive Christian Perspective

Tomorrow is my birthday– or should I say today since this will be posted ON my birthday? I have been sitting here for an hour now staring at a blank screen at 11pm at night. Don’t ask me why I’m blogging this late… at this point I don’t know why I am either! Even though I appeared to be doing absolutely nothing but staring at a computer to my husband, I was actually way too intensely thinking about my birthday and what it really means to me.

In the past, I have often had a warped view of my birthday celebrations. Because I am a “Pinterest mom”– or so my mom calls me– I have expected glorious celebrations.

I’m talking a beautiful cake, heartfelt trinket gifts as a token of appreciation, and a day all about ME.

But now I am one year older and I’d like to say one year wiser? I’d like to say that my “all about me” mentality has completely left the system but come on, who doesn’t like being waited on and bribing husbands for massages– after all, my birthday is the one day of the year that I finally can receive a massage longer than three minutes!

However, despite the fun and celebrating, there is so much more to my birthday (and yours too).

A birthday marks another year that God has blessed us with.

After cancer had touched my family’s life, I began to understand the meaning of having a “lifespan”. I began to realize that everyone has a timeline and God decides how long that timeline is going to be. I am not guaranteed tomorrow. In fact, I am not even guaranteed this next minute– however I am really praying that I live for at least the next five minutes so that I can finish my way too yummy coffee.

Our time is so limited on this earth and my birthday is such a great reminder that God has been extremely generous with my time. I am reminded to slow down and enjoy my time with my beautiful family .

A birthday also reminds us that we are not getting any younger.

Okay family, you can stop laughing now! They think it’s funny when I throw the “I’m getting old” card to get out of stuff.

I am still very young and with much to learn. However, I am becoming more and more aware that (once again) my time is limited and I can not keep saying “I’ll do it later” because someday, sometime, later will not come.

“I’ll do it later” is a terrible habit that should not even exist in our vocabulary. Not only will we NOT do it later but we are putting something off that could potentially be very good for us.

For example, I have often said “I’ll do it later” when it comes to exercise.

I did not grow up in a family that cared about sports or deliberate exercising, it just wasn’t our thing. The only thing my family ever did that qualify as exercise was dancing and we were good (no bragging intended) however if someone had mentioned to us that our dancing was exercise we probably would have ran for the hills!

Anyways, I had become very self conscious about my body after having my daughter. I knew that there would need to be a change if I wanted to fit back in to my pre-pregancy jeans, that type of stuff just does not happen overnight. After many hours of deliberate thinking, I decided to stop saying that I will do the exercise later and tried out an exercising program.

Because of this exercising program, I now (very, very snugly) fit into some of my stretchy pre-pregnancy jeans. SUCCESS! This is something that would not have happened if I had kept with the “do it later” mentality.

A birthday reminds us to take care of ourselves.

This evening, I was bending over to pick up a toy when I noticed that my toenails probably have not been painted for months! Chipped painted toenails? When did that happen? Didn’t I just paint them last week? My toe polish looked like the way my moms used to look like when I would poke fun at her: tired and worn.

After that realization, I decided to paint my toenails and wax the trees off my legs (which– once again– I do not know how those trees got there).

As a mom, it can be so easy to forget the importance of taking care of ourselves. More often than not I will be a whirlwind throughout the day and once the day is over I will begin my nightly routine to take off my makeup only to find out that I was never wearing makeup to begin with– not that makeup is the important factor but I do genuinely love wearing makeup.

I love girly things so my birthday reminds me to stop being a chaotic mess and paint my toe nails, wear a nice shirt, get a hair cut (or even wash my hair), and put a little makeup on.

Last note, a birthday reminds us of all the blessings and gifts that God has given us.

  • I have some newly pink scribbles on my ottoman because my sweet, sweet baby girl loves coloring a little too much.
  • I make two monotonous sandwiches every morning because my hard working husband burns a lot of calories trying to earn money for his family to survive.
  • I am often tired because I wake up way too early to entertain my own passions: blogging and art.
  • I waste 90 minutes of drive time of certain days just to see my siblings and mom.
  • My husband is gone all day because he HAS a job.
  • I wash dishes every day because we have food to eat.
  • I clean muddy footprints off the floor because I have visitors who track it in daily.

I could see all of these examples in two different ways: one being the first half of the sentence and the other being the second.

Do you have any examples like this in your life? If you do, think about them, maybe write them down, and try to find a positive element in each situation.

I could focus on the negatives in my life or I can dig deeper and love the reasons for these negatives.

I could choose to be mad at my daughter for coloring on my ottoman or I can choose to smile because God didn’t have to bless me with this child.

I could mope because my husband is gone for the majority of the day or I can be grateful because God has provided my husband with work.

It’s all in how you perceive a situation. Of course there are many times when it doesn’t take a birthday to be reminded of these things but a birthday certainly helps to examine our lives the way God intended us to.

So with that I am going to go enjoy my family and drag all of them to Ulta for an hour where I will spend ALL of my birthday gift card!

How do YOU celebrate your birthday? Family get-togethers, movie night at home, or a huge birthday bash? Leave a comment below!

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