BeautyWithinBoutique Launch & Giveaway

The BeautyWithinBoutique Shoppe launch and giveaway

Come celebrate the BeautyWithinBoutique launch and giveaway

Launching anything is down-right stressful. Launching a shoppe? Well… that stress is like a boiled over pot of macaroni; still delicious but extremely messy. Shipping, weighing, prices, pictures, creating, designing, packing: Each had its own mountain to climb and now, each has been conquered (for the most part).  I decided to open the BeautyWithinBoutique after I received many comments about selling the items I am creating DIY demonstrations for. So, the shoppe will feature items that I have done DIY demonstrations for on the website and my own creations.

I have many, many ideas as to what the shoppe will have in stock BUT I will be slow to adding them– about once a day for a month.

Right now, the shoppe features a beautiful Birch Tree painting that can be customized and gold/pink canvas art. I also have on there some mason jar sets that I have demonstrated in my Creative course the process of making one and distressed letters!

The BeautyWithinBoutique launch and giveaway


To officially enter the giveaway, all you need to do is “like” our facebook page and share the giveaway photo that is pinned to the top of the page. After that, I will be hosting festivities Saturday (May 28) through Sunday (May 29) where you can rack up more points than your competitor.

Who ever has the most points by 6PM mountain time Sunday will be the winner.

P.S. The giveaway will not come into effect until at least 50 people participate! So, you will definitely not get penalized for sharing the post and page. The more you participate in, the more likely you’ll win!

Please refer to The Beauty Within giveaway policy for more detailsssss.

Again, thank you for the support and I look forward to hearing from you (or possibly unofficially meeting you) on Saturday!

Good luck and may the best beauty win!


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