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I have this passion. 

I am passionate about passion– does that even make sense?

I have a passion and desire to witness the women of this world discover their self-identity through Christ and break away from the chains of this world.

I have a passion to see women look in the mirror and see beauty, potential, and promise.

I have a passion to see women recognize and chase your dreams. To chase your dreams and not feel guilty; recognizing that God probably put that specific dream in you for a reason!

I believe that if we would free ourselves from the expectations we have set that we would finally become the women that God intended us to be. I believe that having a strong identity through Christ is what makes us exceptional mothers.

Knowing that– as mothers– we aren’t perfect. Knowing that sometimes we yell, fight, and anger quickly but that doesn’t mean we aren’t beautiful and amazing.

The Beauty Within 31 -- Start Here!


What are we about? 

This blog is my third baby (my husband being the first and my toddler being the second). What started out as a journal for me ended up being a huge outlet for creative activity!

My goal is to feature many different types of creativity, including but not limited to: crafts, decorating, painting, makeup/fashion, baking, sewing, journaling, and so much more.

Honestly? My main focus is to ignite a spark in YOU! I want you to know that it’s okay to have hobbies, passions, and goals as a woman/momma. So, my goal is that you will find at least one article that sparks enough interest in you to explore the possibility of doing something creative and gives your heart joy.

But, as you know, this blog is also more than just about the DIYs and fun ideas.

This space is about finding the beauty within yourself and discovering your potential. It’s about finding our passions, dreams, and flourishing! We cover all kinds of DIY, crafts, cooking/baking (coming soon), fine art, reading, and many other passions because they are all unique and amazing.

It’s about finding yourself through Christ and the ups and downs of motherhood. I’m not going to sugar coat the truth and I’ll do my best to be as transparent as possible!

My hope is that you will leave my corner of the internet feeling inspired to chase your dreams (big or small), wanting more of Jesus, or both!

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