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I’ll throw this out there right now and tell you that this is not a regular decorating consulting page. I do not have a degree in decor/design therefore it would be silly of me to offer that specific service. Instead, my decorating business has one goal: to help families with decorating advice without breaking the bank. I offer personalized decorating tips according to your style, budget, and how much time you’d like to spend decorating. For example, if you would like to spend time rather than money, I will find projects that fit your specific taste. If you do not care about DIY projects and would rather just buy some items on a list, I can do that too. It’s all up to you! I find unique DIY projects according to your specified taste, possible repurpose projects depending on what I notice in the pictures, a color pallet, and a document with a list of cheaper products that can add a little sass to your home if the budget allows. My main focus is finding a way to decorate your space and saving money in the process.


Here is what some of the ideas may look like:

  • Adding some DIY projects to create a unique space such as painting your lamp shades, designing some pillows, and wall art.
  • Practical tips such as using a mirror in the right position to reflect light, creating a brighter larger room.
  • The proper height for your curtains, lighting, etc.
  • Or maybe you need help with organizing your pantry, bathroom, entryway, or baby nursery (my favorite).
  • Paint colors based off your desired style and mood of the room.

How it works -- thebeautywithin decorating consultant


So how does this work?

The process is very simple. All you need to do is contact me via email, take pictures of the space and wait a couple days while I gather the right decor ideas for you! When everything is complete, I will email you a couple files with all the ideas, tips, projects, and products I personally picked out that match your budget.FAQ for The Beauty Within Decorating

What is the cost? My price is extremely affordable. The main reason I offer affordable prices is because I want to help you ladies out! I love decorating, I love DIY projects, I love helping. This is the perfect solution for all my loves. I also do not have a degree in interior decorating therefore it would be silly of me to offer the triple digit price tag. My main and only reason for the cost is to pay for supplies and a small reward for my time!

I charge per room. With the current discount it will be $30 per room unless you are the first to sign up! (See below)

Discounts: Right now I am offering ONE FREE CONSULTATION for the first person who signs up. This free consultation will be for one room in your home. The next 10 people who sign up with receive their consultation over 60% off the original price. So, the price for the first ten people who sign up after the free consult will get everything for $30! The only thing I will ask for in return is to share my information!

Message me through the contact form below to get more information!

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