Babysitter Printables: Be Prepared Every Time

babysitter printables: be prepared every time

My husband and I love going on dates with each other. Who doesn’t!? We try to go on a date night every two weeks. Having some alone time (out of the house) helps to keep our romantic hearts beating and brings some youthfulness back into our lives. We are still young but sometimes we forget that we are while living in this big world!

Because of these frequent date nights, I created a small binder with already-made notes for the babysitter so that we do not have to waste date time explaining all the details and the babysitter will have a reference to go by. I am sure the babysitter’s eyes glaze over when I explain all the little details about how the night should go and probably will not hear half of the instructions in the first place!  I may look like an over-organized momma with waaaay too much time on her hands but at least I know that this binder will help keep problems and questions to a minimal.

We are lucky enough to have both sets of grandparents nearby so this binder doesn’t seem the sun too often but it keeps my mind at ease knowing that we have it ‘just in case’.

my babysitting binder

For the binder I decided to buy a cheaper black one at Walmart. You can find the one I bought HERE. Although it really doesn’t matter what binder you choose. I also use the binder for other departments in my life but I will explain that in another post.

I included three printables below so that you can start your own babysitter binder PLUS an extra personalized printable if you contact me with your family name!

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Babysitter Notes Printable


This is the first page in my babysitting binder. At the top there is a spot where you can write your family name.

The details are fairly self-explanatory. I like to let the babysitter know where we will be if there is a problem and if I have time I’ll include the number to the facility.

Expected arrival home is usually never right but I do like adding a time so that there is a general knowledge of when we should return.

I find the meals/snacks section important for us mommas with younger children because it lets the babysitter know what your baby is capable of eating! A month ago I wasn’t comfortable with my daughter eating a full goldfish cracker but now she does fine. It’s good to keep them updated as our baby is continuously transitioning.

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Emergency Numbers Printable

Here’s a printable where you can list all the numbers you want your babysitter to have on hand. I usually like to include mine, my husbands, and a grandparents number.

I included the universal poison control number at the bottom but let’s pray that number never has to be called!

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I love the family rules printable below! When I was a babysitter, I remember children asking me if they could do “this” or “that” and I had no idea if the parents would allow it! For example, I had one child ask me if she could watch a movie in her parent’s room. In my home I wasn’t allowed to watch TV in my parent’s room but in this home the children were allowed. So, I find it nice for the babysitter to list a couple “rules”. That way there is no guessing game. I’d rather have a written list than rambling off rules as I run out the door.

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Family Rules

The last thing I want to mention is my binder front page. I wanted something simple with the family name on it so the picture below is what I came up with. I call it the “Zinne family crest”. Definitely not a real family crest by any means but I like it so I think I’ll keep it. 😉

If you would like a similar free printable with your family name, please contact me and I could easily make that happen!

The Zinne Family babysitter binder

Enjoy the printables!

Do you have a babysitting binder? If so, which part do you find to be the most helpful or resourceful? Please leave a comment below!

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