Baby Blanket with Faux Fur DIY

Pink or Blue, Which One's for You?

DIY faux fur baby blanket

I have this thinnnng for blankets; I love their look, their feel, their comfort, and their warmth!

I just love blankets.

I suppose it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I wanted to create a trendy and soft blanket for my daughter. It’s getting colder — fall weather here we come — and most of her blankets are beginning to look like they came out of the dump. They have reached the end of their life from use.

At first I wanted to buy Yvette a blanket. I’m all for the ease and the simplicity of life, you know? However, most of the blankets I found were either too expensive or had strange (Wal-Mart looking) prints. So, I decided to saddle-up and test the waters of blanket making.

DIY faux fur baby blanket


What You’ll Need

Two yards of material (for a baby blanket)



 Sewing Machine

 Thread and needle (to hand sew the small opening)

blanket 1


1. Buy the fabric for your baby blanket.

I bought one yard of the pink triangle and one yard of the fuzzy material from Joann’s. The total cost of materials was around $8 with coupons. I would have preferred a cotton knit blend material for this blanket but all they offered was 100% cotton so I made do with what they had.


blanket 2

2. Layer the materials for your baby blanket. 

The first official thing you need to do is iron the two pieces of material.

After that, lie one material facing up on a flat surface. Lie the other material right on top of the other, making sure it’s facing down. Pin the materials together and cut off the excess around the edges so that they are both the same size.


blanket 3


Honestly, I was a little worried about working with this puffy/fuzzy material. I have never sewed with it and I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. But — surprisingly — it turned out beautifully.

3. Sewing time: baby blanket style. 

Sew a quarter-inch stitch around the blanket. Make sure to leave a hole for turning the blanket right-side out again and don’t forget to back-stitch.

P.S. Pull the pins out so that you don’t sew over them!


DIY faux fur baby blankets


4. Trim trim trim. 

Cut the extra material off around the edges/corners and turn the blanket right-side out again (through the tiny hole). You may need to use something like a ruler or pencil to push the corners out fully.


DIY faux fur baby blanket


5. Hand sew your baby blanket. 

Hand sew the opening shut using a matching thread. If you don’t know how to hand sew then I would recommend looking it up on YouTube. YouTube has a lot of informational videos from some great vloggers!

toddler blanket tutorial

6. Top-stitch on your toddler blanket.

Sew a 1/4 top-stitch around the blanket. I had a bit of trouble keeping the top-stitch straight because of all the fluff but you can only really see this in a couple of locations. So, overall I am pleased.


DIY faux fur baby blanket


WHALA! Finish”io”. See? Super simple — even I can do it!


toddler blanket diy

Yvette absolutely ADORES the blanket and how snuggly it is. It’s her new favorite blankie and is dragged everywhere….

So, I’m assuming I’ll have to make another blanket before winter comes.

Have you made a baby blanket (toddler blanket) before? 

diy baby blanket

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