Am I Worth Anything?

Am I worth anything?

You were up all night with the teething baby. There is puke on your three day worn shirt; wait, maybe it’s been four days? Your husband is out with the boys and you are stuck at home to watch children and cook meals. Everyone keeps telling you to get out, enjoy life and yet all you can imagine is the stress of packing up a whining baby and looking like a hotel baggage carrier as you shove your 20 pound diaper bag into the car. What’s the point? It’s too stressful, too tiresome, too much work to do much anything past taking a shower each day.


Am I worth anything?


You feel as if your life is gone. Everything that made you you has vanished in the mist of poopy diapers and hungry mouths.

Oh sweet friend, I have been there with you!

Satan knows exactly when to attack: right in these mundane moments of motherhood, when we feel as if we cannot survive another day is when our mind begins to ask the question, “Am I worth anything?”

Am I worth anything.

Just four words, four simple words, but when they are put together this exact sentence can be the very reason for our destruction.

We all want to be worth something. We want to have meaning, purpose, and worth! We want to tell our grandchildren of the amazing things we have done and accomplished but the current society has taught us that staying at home with children is not something to brag about.

Here’s the kicker: there is NOTHING wrong with wanting to be worth something! In fact, we were made to be people of worth; people with purpose and meaning.

But let me ask you a question…

Where are you finding your worth?

Is it through how much money you have acquired? Are you finding your worth through the “amazing” job you have scored? What about your above average husband? Is your worth found in how great your kids are in public or how well they perform in sports? Are you finding worth through achieving the American dream of a large home and three cars parked in the driveway? Is your worth through your talents or performances?


Am I worth anything?


Or, is your worth your finding through God?

You ARE worth something — in fact, you’re worth everything to God.

You are more precious than rubies (Proverbs 3:15), God knitted you together with His own hands (Psalm 139:13), we are worth more than any other of God’s creations (Matthew 6:25-34), you are precious in God’s eyes (Isaiah 43:4), God does not forget a single sparrow — how much more will He not forget you! (Luke 12:6-7)

We were not made to be satisfied by the things of this Earth. We tell ourselves, “if I only had it this way, then I will be happy” but once we get what we desire we realize that we want MORE. Nothing will ever be good enough!

Take the iPhone for example. How excited were you to buy your first iPhone 3 or 4? Excited right? Me too! But, once they came out with the iPhone 6 I decided I needed to have that. Well, a year later they came out with the iPhone 7 and guess what…. I needed that one too because my iPhone 6 was old news.

You see, the only lasting happiness is in and through Christ. Christ will never change, never fumble, never disappoint, never ignore/lie/cheat; He will never be anything less than the loving Father He promised to be.

We are worth something; everything! But, our worth is found through our love, grace, joy, and other fruits of the spirit. When we love others the way God called us, purely and fully, we are finding our worth. When we clean our kitchens with happy hearts and diligent in spirit, we are finding our worth. When we serve our husbands, children, church members, nonbelievers, we are finding our worth. When we rock our crying baby for the uptienth time, we are loving and raising children of God — children who God has created a purpose for in this world —  we are finding our worth.

When we are living the way God has urged us to live, we are finding our worth in the most purest kind of way. 

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  1. I love this. It really spoke too me. I would share if only I could figure out how. You are truly blessed with not only your writing skills, but with being able to reach every women with the words you write.

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