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Life has been crazy this past month — I mean, talk about the expression “you can sleep when you’re dead”. My husband has been studying hard for a new job opportunity he’s pursuing — our bedtime has gone from 9:30 to 1am. Plus this month I am beginning to film my makeup course for mommies, we are moving to another state, AND I am trying to begin my freelance makeup artist career.

 UGH! This momma does not run well on lack of sleep. So, needless to say coffee has been on my mind during these late night study sessions. Like.. REALLY on my mind. So much so that this past week (while I have been quizzing my husband) I have also been researching cute coffee cups.

Okay, I’m weird I know!

But when coffee is on the mind, you have to do something about it! Even though I am the foo foo kind of coffee lover, I can still appreciate the surreal magic that exists from an adorable coffee cup.


adorable coffee mugs for a coffee lover


Doesn’t coffee just seem so much more… luxurious (?)… when it is being sipped from the most perfect mug!?

So, because my brain is fried and still I am sitting here listing to unholy words coming out of my husband’s mouth such as “myocardial infarction” and “atherosclerosis” — I decided what better way to “calm” my coffee obsession than to share these adorable mugs I found on Amazon!

(Yes Amazon, because this momma thrives on all things Amazon — I trust it a little more than Etsy). 


Ditooms Coffee Mug Gilmore Girls Coffee Mug  — $12.99


Mugvana Less Monday More Coffee Ceramic Mug — $12.99


Pink Octopus Ceramic 3D Coffee Mug with Tentacle Handle — $15.25 (my husband has this cup and loves it although those adorable tentacles are hard to clean!)


I Like Long Romantic Walks at Target Coffee Mug  — $12.95 (Ammi’ right?)


Mr and Mrs Couples Camping Style Coffee Mug Set

 Currently not available but super cute!


BigMouth Inc The Original Donut Mug — $12.99


Ipow Pack of 2 Neat Magic Color-changing Coffee Mugs — $12.95


Mama Bear – Glass Coffee Mug — $14.96 (NEED!)


Gold Monogram White Porcelain Coffee Mug Tea Cup Letter A — $14.95 (don’t be deceived by the low rating, this cup is from World Market but one person out of two didn’t like the color — the cup is still functional and adorable.)


MAMA ESTABLISHED BEAR COFFEE MUG – mama bear — also not available…



I Woke Up Like This Mug — $19.99


Girl Boss Coffee Mug in Gold — $15.99



May Your Coffee Be Stronger Than Your Toddler Coffee Mug — $14 (Can I get an amen?)



Coffee Mug IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL Ceramic Cup — $15.99



Momprenuer Coffee Mug — $15.99



Coffee Mug with Arrow Compass — $19


I’m Done Adulting. Let’s Be Mermaids Mug — $16

I leave you with this cup — because seriously, who doesn’t want to be a mermaid? 😉

And that’s it, mommas… my mind is mush. If I hear “myocardial infarction” one more time I may spontaneously combust!

I pray you all are having a beautiful start to your month of April. I look forward to hearing from all of you and continuing to become friends with each one of you! Feel free to email me any time with any prayer requests you have so that my prayer team can pray heavily for you.

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