Acrylic Birch Tree Canvas Painting DIY

easy acrylic birch tree painting DIY

Alright ladies, after LOT’S of requests and questions, I decided to share with you how I make my Birch Tree painting. Now, this painting is available on my Etsy boutique but I love you all and I just had to share with you this quick how-to.

This abstract Birch Tree painting has been a *hit* for Christmas gifts this season. I recently attended a craft fair and this painting, by far, was the most ordered. So, if you just have no idea about gifts… consider making something! You would be surprised how many people love receiving a heartfelt, handmade item.


How to make a Birch Tree acrylic painting


Canvas Panel — size of your choice

Acrylic Paint

Thin Painters Tape

Plastic Card (that you don’t need)

Gold Paint Markers

Matte Satin Finish Spray



DIY birch tree painting1. Grab your white acrylic paint and add a thin layer ALL over the canvas. Let it dry before step two!

2. Apply your painters tape where ever you want your acrylic trees. Make sure the tape is completely sealed to the canvas so that there is no leaks!


birch tree painting DIY

3. With your sponge brush, paint a blue color over the entire canvas. (Don’t worry, the painters tape will protect your trees!)

4. Once dry, pull off the painters tape.


acrylic birch tree painting DIY

5. Time to make the trees! Lightly dab your plastic card in black paint. The one I am using is Walgreens; I never shop there anyways. So, after dabbing, scrape off the excess paint. Take the painted end and touch it to the vertical edge of your tree. Lightly drag the card out into the middle — this will create that tapering paint effect.

The cool thing about using the card is that it takes that whole painters “guessing game” out. Meaning, you don’t have to sit there and agonize over where the smears should be.


The Beauty Within 31 Chloe + Isabel Boutique


6. Do this paint/card effect on both sides of the trees. I usually do the left side of every tree first, let it dry, and flip it around to do the other side.


DIY birch tree painting

7. So, once you have dragged paint over your trees, the next step is to do a quick touch up. In the picture above I am pointing at a spot I wanted to fix. To do this, simply grab a small paint brush and blend some more black paint into the blemish.


DIY birch tree painting

8. Finish your painting off by drawing on a heart and letters with your gold marker!

9. Last step: Spray your project with a matte finishing spray. This is SUPER important if you’re giving the canvas to someone as a gift because, no matter what you try, canvas always smudges when rubbed next to something. It’s super annoying but if you spray it then you can easily wipe the smudges away with a damp cloth!


DIY birch tree painting

I had to add a picture with our Christmas tree in the background. 😉

Trust me when I say that this is a VERY popular Christmas gift and it’s so, so easy. All it requires is a little time on your part. It’s not perfect but I like to justify it by saying, “Hey, it’s abstract. It doesn’t have to be perfect!” Abstract and handmade. I don’t know why but there is just something neat about seeing a handmade item with small blemishes — it almost… humanizes it?

Anyways, thanks for stopping by and I can’t wait to get to know YOU!

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  1. In the picture there is still painters tape when you scrap the black on. Right before that you said to remove tape, did you put some back on? Love the way these trees look. Thanks

    • Hi Kim, no I do not put any back on! The picture is just me demonstrating next to a straight piece of tape (on printer paper) so that you can see I am trying to make a straight black line. If I had done it on the canvas then I would have just “free lined” it. Hope that helps you out and feel free to hit me with any more questions!

  2. Thanks so much for the tutorial, Tenesha! I have been looking for one.

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