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My name is Tenesha and I am thrilled you stopped by! To be honest, I am just down-right flattered that you are curious to know more about me!

I am just an average Joe. I didn’t finish college, I am a stay-at-home mom, I worry (excessively if you ask my husband), I’m kind of awkward, and sometimes I have far too much time on my hands which this blog ended up being the result.

I am obsessed with the typical girly things such as interior design, foo foo lattes (breve, please!), flowers, and pink. Currently I am a full-time student for interior architecture and design so you’ll probably, inevitably come across that throughout my posts! I love pretty planners and office supplies despite my love for thriving on a “non planned” life.

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This graphic is 95% me in a nutshell! The other 5% is my favorite black yoga pants which somehow always seem to be in the dirty clothes pile.

For the sake of this pretty graphic I decided to not design the laundry basket on the side. ūüėČ







My husband, Vander, and I were married young and it was one of the best decisions we have ever made. Growing into adults through marriage and watching each other become the person God intended us to be has made our marriage strong and our love deep.

I’m not going to pretend that life has been perfect because it’s not. We are young, we are learning how to get on our feet from starting out with nothing — nothing except student loans. But my story is not about our struggles, failures, and challenges even though these things are real and I do talk about it.

My story is about praising our savior through trials of cancer, loss, financial crisis, and tough decisions.

My story is about seeing the good and persevering through the bad.

My story is about striving to love my family fiercely and continuously working on my marriage and motherhood.

This community is more than just a decorating and faith blog, it’s a community of young women and mothers who are leaning on each other through the good, bad, and ugly. My passion is to inspire you to be a better you. Whether it’s creatively or spiritually; we can all improve. I want to show you that you CAN be a fabulous mother and wife while¬†pursuing your dreams.

Come join me and other women as we actively pursue who God intended each one of us to be. Come find me on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest where I do my best to stay in touch with all of you!

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