7 Days to Loving More Sweetly


Seven days to loving more sweetly

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It’s that time of year again! Love is in the air and hope is once again beginning to bloom after a long, harsh winter. Well, harsh for us Montanans. There was a time when I did not understand the hype behind Valentine’s Day. To me it often seemed like a time of year that companies materialized so that they could make more money! Which, yeah, it’s kind of true. Valentines Day has been completely commercialized into a holiday that’s almost completely about getting “stuff” (much like Christmas).


However, deep down past the mushy image of extra large teddy bears and dozens of overpriced roses, I am beginning to see the beauty behind the holiday.

Valentines Day is a time to reconnect. It’s a time to focus on love; loving our children and loving our spouses. It’s a time to celebrate; it’s finally warming up enough that we can send the children outside. Can I get an “amen”? Like many of you, I was beginning to lose my mind being cooped up with two needy children: my toddler and my husband. 😉

But seriously, I truly see Valentines Day as a turning point after a long, bleak winter. It’s a holiday that marks the beginning of warmth, growth, and life! This is why my favorite Valentines Day gift is flowers; they warm up my home and add hope for the coming life we will soon be seeing outdoors.


Seven days to loving more sweetly


The holiday also gives me an extra excuse to spoil my husband. He’s so great; he really tries to put me and our daughter before himself but sometimes this mentality leads to holey socks and worn out shoes. Instead of expecting the world from my husband this Valentines Day, I am focusing on giving the world to him! So yes, I don’t agree with the commercialization of the holiday, but I am in love with the love part.

I really struggled with what I was going to write on the blog for Valentines Day. I didn’t want to write something that only promoted loving one another for one holiday but I didn’t want to not acknowledged it. In the end, after many sleepless nights — just kidding, only one sleepless night — I believe I came up with a fantastic conclusion.

I wanted to create a post that would encourage a loving mentality the entire week leading up to Valentine’s Day! In fact, this Day Challenge to Loving more Sweeter can be utilized any time of the year; Valentine’s Day is not a requirement!

So without further blabbering (it’s late, my child is in bed, I can’t help but to blabber) let’s jump into the seven daily tasks!

Refer to this post or Facebook every morning to find your new daily task! 

Day One to Loving More Sweetly

DAY ONE: Smiling is a beautiful tool God has gifted us with. While in college I learned that students who gripped a pencil in their mouth while taking a test on average received a higher test score. Why? Because the act of gripping a pencil in your mouth stimulates the muscles that are used when smiling! Apparently smiling releases chemicals in your brain that help you be more smart, loving, and a happier person.

Day One to Loving More Sweetly

Day Two: Many of us say “I love you” to our family members simply out of habit. Kissing our husbands as they walk out the door with a quick “I love you”… Rushing our children to bed with an “I love you” over our shoulder. These are beautiful words to say to our family but sometimes we take meaning out of these powerful words when they are said out of habit. Dedicate today to being intentional with how you say “I love you”. Grab your husband sweetly and whisper to him how much you love him. Look your children in the eyes and tell them how great your love is for each and every single one of them — from their hair to their toes!

Day Three to Loving More SweetlyDay Three: Watch his favorite movie, play a game with him, rub his feet — whatever his love language may be, utilize it and shower him with your actions! If not for your spouse, do it for your children/parents/siblings. Go out of your way to do a kind act for someone else. Sometimes the best way to feel happy is by blessing someone else.

Speaking of blessing, scroll to the bottom to find out this month’s giveaway!

Day Four to Loving More Sweetly

Day Four: Have you ever timed yourself on social media? If you’re anything like most of us techie mommas, you probably don’t even realize how much time you spend staring at a tiny screen! Today is Saturday and Saturday’s are a great day to dedicate to family. Turn off your electronics and go do something with your family! Your children will absolutely adore this and your husband will be in heaven with the extra lovin’.

Day Five to Loving More Sweetly

Day Five: We love only because God first loved us. The only way to partially understand love on this large of a scale is by studying the source: aka, the bible. The key to loving more sweetly is to love with a Godly understanding of what it means to love. Man, there was a lot of “love” in that sentence but you get what I am trying to say! If you have never read the bible before, the best place to start would probably be the book of John. John 3:16 is the most well-known, easy to understand bible verse of what it means to love.

Day Six to Loving More Sweetly

Day Six: For all you procrastinators, today is an ideal day to make a list all about your husband. What does he like? What does he want? What is he hoping for? Is he wanting more cuddle time with you or is he hoping to go to that new movie in the theater? Understanding our husband’s wants is a great way to improve a marriage and the best way to understand his “wants” is to know his love language! As I mention in THIS post, my husband’s love language is touch. No, not dirty touch. I’m talkin’, bed mauling, feet touching, hand holding type of touch. What is your husband’s love language?

Day Seven to Loving More Sweetly

Day Seven: I am completely guilty at holding high expectations for holidays which sometimes ends up ruining the day. So, needless to say I am a firm believe that the best way to start this Valentine’s Day is to focus on the act of understanding and being slow to anger. Didn’t get breakfast in bed? Shake it off, don’t let it spoil your day. Didn’t receive a card? Shake it off. These materialistic things are NOT what defines how loved we are. Remember, in the end all that matters is a happy family and an understanding wife. Also know that God’s love for you is much more than any of the things you received or didn’t receive!

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Thanks to all of you, our last giveaway was a complete success! I had so many women email me and message me with gratitude that I decided to do another giveaway this month as well. HERE is the giveaway terms and conditions, please take a look at them before entering.

Giveaway featuring The Mommy Trive

I am so excited and truly honored to announce that I have partnered with The Mommy Tribe to bring you this fun giveaway! Katie from The Mommy Tribe was extremely generous and donated both the scripture cards and a beautiful gold foil print. Our hope is that this giveaway will spread God’s truth and also be the blessing that one of you needs this month!

Included in giveway: ONE grace upon grace t-shirt, ONE set of scripture cards, and ONE gold foil print!

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So, just like last months, entering the giveaway is simple. If you are subscribed to The Beauty Within, simply leave a comment below as to WHY YOU WOULD LIKE TO WIN. If this giveaway isn’t for you, you can instead nominate someone else who you believe should win! Also, following Katie on Instagram is not a requirement but it certainly would bring a smile to her face.

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P.S. The winner will have 48 hours to claim the prize before it moves to the runner up.

Good luck to you all and happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. I’d be honored to win this shirt! It speaks so much of what I need in my current season of life. More GRACE for myself!

    Thank you!

    • The shirt definitely serves as a great reminder to approach life (and ourselves/family) with grace which is probably why I love it so much!

  2. Because I think that shirt is adorable, and I really want scripture cards!

  3. You host the best giveaways! I’m totally crushing on this shirt! And the scripture cards are amazing (and would be well utilized!

    • Aw, thanks Sarah! I really try to find giveaways I believe you all will love and resonate with because, of course, it’s to bless one of you! <3

  4. I would love to win because Grace has such a deep meaning to me in my walk with Christ. Hence, why my blog name is Married by His Grace.

  5. The shirt is adorable and the Scripture cards & printable are gorgeous! What a fun giveaway. Thanks for hosting. 🙂

  6. So first I was drawn in by your give away {posted in By His Grace Bloggers} and THEN I saw you are a Montanan. Like the first Montanan blogger I’ve met online. I am also in Montana, so I feel like we’re practically neighbors, even though it’s a big state. 😉 I’d love to connect more, if you’re interested!

    And as to the give away…grace is a big subject for me recently as we just added baby number 3 to our family. So Grace upon Grace upon Grace would be sum up life pretty well at the moment. And the foil print about a loud house would also fit this season of life perfectly. 😉

  7. The name of my blog is Grace Upon Grace!!! It would mean so much to me to have this cute shirt with such an impactful phrase. What better gift than a print and Scripture cards? God’s words all around me – what more could I ask for? 🙂
    Alex recently posted…To Be a New CreationMy Profile

  8. What an awesome post! How sweet to do such a great giveaway as well! I love that the t shirt is a constant reminder of what we get…and therefore need to give. <3

  9. I would love to win because extending grace is something that i am working on right now and being reminded of His grace toward us helps me keep that in focus. I’d also love the scripture cards because they’re just beautiful!

  10. This year my word is “5,” which means “Grace upon Grace.” I would love to have a shirt with those words written on it to remind me of this word and also to remind other people just how great God is! All of the giveaway are also super cute… 🙂
    Hannah recently posted…It’s All VanityMy Profile

  11. Beautiful shirt & scripture cards! I’m new to your site and am excited to read more!

  12. I love to be reminded of grace and the items in this giveaway will do just that! Thank you for hosting this…so generous!

  13. I have been going through an incredibly challenging season this past year. Long story short, I have slowly become close-fisted to God and unwilling to surrender my future to His Will. In these last few weeks, I have become aware of my hard heart and began earnestly seeking to truly surrender once again to the Lord, and in doing so, to be open handed with wherever God leads me into the future. One thing I am learning is that surrender is PAINFUL and it HURTS and it is a sacrifice deeper than I imagined it could be. However, the beautiful thing about true surrender is that, with God, it is also BEAUTIFUL and can (amazingly) lead to JOY too. One of the greatest mysteries of a journey of faith! Oh, I cannot even describe what a difficult, emotional, tear-filled season this has been for me. However, I have been reminded of God’s grace and His love for me. I have been reminded that I can trust Him completely even when I don’t know where the road in life will take me. I would be so, so grateful to win this contest for these simple reminders of God’s unending GRACE in my life, for His grace and love towards me even when I fail over and over again. For His grace upon grace upon grace… even to stubborn people like myself who sometimes need to learn lessons the hard way.

    Thank you!
    Whitney L recently posted…Hello!My Profile

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