6 Reasons Why I’m Grateful I Married Young

Six Reasons Why I'm Grateful I Married Young

Throughout my years I have never totally felt my age.

I grew up as the oldest of six children! This meant I had a certain amount of responsibilities that my other siblings didn’t have. I was their helper and babysitter when my mom was at work. I also worked hard for everything I wanted because my family was never in the financial position for luxuries. However, I didn’t mind working hard because that meant I didn’t have to share whatever I bought for myself!

I also spent my high school years privately schooled so that I had the free-time to help my mom take care of my sister who had Leukemia. You can read more about that story HERE.

So you see, age has always been just a number to me. 

I considered myself more responsible at the age of 12 than others who were the age of 21. Despite my years, I believed I had more wisdom under my belt that many others still haven’t experienced.

Age is just a number. It’s the experiences that life has thrown our way that shapes who we are and if we are ready for something as “crazy” as marriage.

My husband and I met in music school and fell deeply in love almost instantly! He was the outgoing percussion student and I was the quiet pianist down the hall. And well, we got married ten months later.

On December 14th, 2013 I married my husband at the age of 19! (My husband was 20). Yes, that means I’m now 22. 😉

Although our life has taken a lot of twists, bumps, and curves since our initial marriage but I am still convinced it was one of the best decisions I have ever made!

6 Reasons why I'm grateful I married young


1. We get to watch each other grow into the person God has called us to be.

When I married my husband he was a percussion major in music school. Since then, my husband has worked his way to the top of a very fast paced Highway striping job. I have watched him learn trades such as hardwood floor installation, home framing, and drywall. I have been with him when he learned HVAC installing and plumbing. But lastly, I have also had the PRIVILEGE of watching my husband grow into an amazing Fire Fighter. Although his training is not complete, I can see how God is going to use his new education for the better good of our country.

Likewise, my husband has watched me go from an always piano practicing girl into a wonderful mother. He has watched me try and fail/succeed with new recipes, homemaking, parenting tricks, etc.

Six reasons why I am glad I married young

2. We have molded into each other.

Some may consider this a bad thing but I don’t believe it is, especially for a Christian marriage! What I mean by “mold” is that we have grown our habits together. We have faced the grown-up world together, have the same experiences, and we have literally formed the same thoughts.

Because we married young, we entered into our marriage with two clean slates. The experiences we have faced have drawn an identical picture on each of our slates! They are no longer clean but they are in unison and create a perfect picture when put together.

Does that make sense?

Six Reasons Why I love Being Married Young

3.  We have a well-rounded view of each other. 

I have seen my husband as a carefree percussionist with not a care in the world. I have also seen him as an emotional daddy when he holds his daughter for the first time.

Of course this kind of goes for any kind of marriage. BUT, there’s something different about seeing your husband in his teen years and seeing him mature / grow because we married young.

4. More memories together.

It goes without saying, being married young means we experience more together and create memories.

I have the memory of our first camping trip together. We had barely any money but we had a huge desire to go on a vacation. So, we gathered what we had and created a beautiful memory. Since then we have taken multiple larger vacations but we also have that memory of making do with what we had and still having a blast.

Six reasons why I am glad I married young


5. Grow together financially from ZERO dollars to thriving.

When we were first married, we had nothing. Literally. We had no credit; good or bad. We had no income. All we had were student loans that were piling by the minute. It was a miracle we got into an apartment because not many people accept something with absolutely NOTHING to guarantee a money flow. We are learning to finance and budget together– notice how I said “learning”? We are still in this process of getting out of debt. However, we have come a long way from having no money to at least surviving the daily flow of life.

Many times when a person waits to get married they will also have a credit standing and income. This, ideally, is how I would have liked to start my married life but God had a different plan for me!

6. We have each other to lean on in this scary world.

I try to be independent. I try and many times I fail. As a child from a big family, it’s hard for me to imagine myself being independent for a long period. I’m not saying I got married for company but it’s definitely a perk. Knowing that I have a man by my side through thick and thin– in my mind– is better than facing the unknown by myself.

My husband can also rely on me during scary times such as finishing up his Fire Fighting tests. Besides God, we are each other’s rock and stable points.

6 Reasons why I love being married young

So, for these reasons I am absolutely grateful for the chance to be married young. Although we don’t always live the picture-perfect life, it’s our life and that is worth much more to me!

Despite all these reasons, marriage is still a very sacred union that God has created — the most sacred! No matter what age you have entered your marriage, it is still a blessing and should be celebrated daily.

Were you and your spouse married young? What age were you on your wedding day?

Six reasons why I am glad I married young

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  1. Beautiful wedding photos! As your friend, I often forget how young you are. I was almost 32 when I got married. In my case, God had me wait a long while for my Mr. Right but it was completely worth it. There are definitely lessons and benefits to be found at different ages. Thanks for sharing!

    • Sometimes I forget how young I am, too. 😉
      Right! Every age creates experiences and memories that may teach us valuable lessons and also lessons that we can pass on to the generation below us. Thank you for leaving a comment!
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