17 Dreamy DIY Baby Nursery Projects

17 Dreamy DIY Projects for your Baby Nursery

17 Dreamy DIY Projects for your Baby Nursery


Baby Nursery DIY Projects for Your Home

Baby nursery decorating is absolutely my favorite thing to do. I love the feeling of hanging up each little item in anticipation for the sweet one to arrive. It’s exciting! Everyone is dreaming, smiling, wondering, and anxiously waiting together. I found that when I was pregnant, working on the nursery off and on through out the months kept my excitement alive while making the time pass just a hair quicker.

I remember hanging up each wooden letter of my daughter’s name thinking……

Y — Such a beautiful name with elegance and poise.

V— I imagined saying her name to her for the first time, hoping the big name would suit the sweet little bundle.

E— Could I shorten her name to give a more innocent feel? –Vettie.. Ew. –Veeee….um, where was I going with that?

T— Yvette sounds like a French ballet dancer, maybe I’ll make the nursery ballet inspired.

T— No, I don’t want it to be centered around ballet. I think butterflies fit a babies innocence better.

E— Will she disown me in her teenage years for giving her a “grandma name”…. NAH!

Nesting is so important as mothers. Like I demonstrated above, it creates that new baby mood where everyone is in dream land! Dreaming of what their child will be and who they will become. Dreaming of their likes and dislikes. Dreaming of their hopes and dreams.

Even now, while my daughter is taking a nap, I am thinking about these past memories and I am once again dreaming about her.

She’s probably dreaming too— but more along the lines of apple juice and lambie, I am sure.

Here are 17 different ideas and DIY projects for decorating your babies nursery and create a “land of dreams” for your nursery!

17 Dreamy DIY baby nursery projects
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1. Here is a beautiful fabric garland that could easily be made into a DIY project. Use color coordinated ribbon or fabric strips to create this garland. A fabric garland creates a whimsical, flow-like feel that would be perfect for a dreamy atmosphere. 

You can see the tutorial here.

Don’t want to make one but love the garland? Check out my friend’s Etsy shop called Liquid Stars. She creates BEAUTIFUL fabric garlands and she is a joy to work with. You will not be disappointed! 

P.S. No affiliate links here. I just love her work! 


Baby nursery blanket ladder
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2. Okay, let’s all jump in the same boat and admit that we have WAY too many baby blankets. It’s an over-typical thing to receive at baby showers! I’m not sure why, maybe it’s because babies are soft and blankets are soft so it just makes sense. Blankets aren’t even cheap! I’ll jump off my tiny soap box now.

This blanket ladder is the perfect solution for all those blankets you’ll be (or have already) receiving and at just $5 a pop, what’s not to love!

Click here for the tutorial.

perfect for a dreamy baby nursery
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3. You know what has dreamy written all over it? Fairytales! This once upon a time lamp would be the a cute and quick DIY for your nursery.

You can see it here.

Perfect project for a dreamy baby nursery
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4. These little hot air balloons are cute and so clever! They would definitely create a dreamy nursery while actually being practical. The first couple months of waking up, feeding, sleeping, waking up, feeding, sleeping can become a really hard task when it’s pitch black in the home. It’s nice to have a couple very soft lights in the nursery for the convenience of walking in and out without making the room bright.

DIY crystal chandelier for baby nursery
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5. I had to post this DIY because I recently did it in my daughters nursery and it is STILL my favorite part about her room. You can see how mine turned out here. It’s fairly simple to make: beads, ribbon, fishing wire, and a hoop!

You can find the original tutorial here.

Baby nursery DIY floral mobile
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6. This website doesn’t really have a tutorial for this floral mobile, they mainly feature the adorable pictures of this nursery. However, the mobile is too cute not to share!

There are a couple different ways you can make this. Like the mobile above this whimsical one, you’re going to need fishing wire. I’m sure you can find two of those twig circles at your local Michael’s or Joann’s. Find a couple different kinds of ribbon and flowers and find a creative way to attach them to the twig rings.


DIY name blocks for baby nursery
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7. Name blocks are a typical thing that we think about when we think of decorating a nursery and for good reason, they are so sweet! Here is a DIY for these adorable name blocks. All it requires is a little love and a lot of mod podge.


17 Dreamy DIY Projects for your Baby Nursery
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8. This beautiful ombre dresser would be the perfect furniture accent piece for your dreamy baby nursery. This ombre technique in blue would look like an abstract ocean wave for a nautical nursery theme. 

17 Dreamy DIY baby nursery projects
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9. How sweet is this! This sign is a fairly simple DIY– despite how amazing it looks. Wood and acrylic paint are the two main “ingredients” to this beauty. 

You can find the tutorial here!

Dreamy DIY cloud baby nursery
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10. Cloud decor is perfect for the ultimate dream-like nursery! Here is a tutorial on how to make these cloud garlands.

Plus, isn’t that giant wooden letter adorable? 


Simple branch curtain rod for a woodland baby nursery
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11. A branch curtain rod is cheap (for obvious reason) and looks very cute in woodland inspired nurseries! We recently added some Aspen rods in our master bedroom and love them which you can see our rods here.

For the baby nursery
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12. Going off the woodland nursery theme, these painted trees would be a simple mural to add a little charm to the room.

DIY rustic sailboat for a nautical baby nursery
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13. Come on guys, how cute is this DIY sailboat?! This rustic sailboat would be perfect for a nautical themed nursery.

You can check out the tutorial here.

Adorable Mod Podge Letters for Baby Nursery
via moneysavingsisters

14. Dr. Seuss has really been hitting the baby category on Pinterest lately. I’ve seen so many Dr. Seuss birthday parties, Dr. Seuss baby showers, Dr. Seuss invites, and now.. Dr. Seuss mod podge letters. And you know I love mod podge!  Although this tutorial is for a reading nook, I think it would be absolutely adorable for wooden name letters too!

A rag rug tutorial for your baby nursery
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15. Rugs are expensive, which is why it always makes my day when I come across cute rug DIYs! I have never made a rag rug– probably never will– but if you have the time, this would be an adorable addition to your nursery.

You can check out the tutorial here

DIY baby nursery organizer
via iheartorganizing

16– I found this little gem at IHeart Organizing. Although it’s not a tutorial, I wanted to include it because with a little vision and some glue these organizers can be easy to make. You’ll need a spray paint of your choice, plastic animals (the dollar store is a good place to find these), and some glue. Glue the animal on top of your organizer lid and spray paint the whole lid PLUS animal.

Baby Nursery-- DIY floating shelf
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17– This DIY requires a little more technicality but I believe in you! Reading bedtime stories is my idea of a dreamy atmosphere.

Originally I wanted to include these shelves in the corner of my daughter’s room but she collected too many books too quickly so we had to resort to a much, much bigger shelf. This shelf would be a cute way to display some beautiful picture books!

17 DIY baby nursery ideas


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  1. I made a rag rug for my granddaughter. Super easy, but oh, did it take forever! I ended up making it very small. Also kind of expensive. I was going to use up scrap fabric, but ended up having to buy a bunch of the right colors. I saw it last week ( a year later) and must say, it looked sort of ratty after use. Great first impact, but doesn’t hold up.😔

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