10 Biblical Truths for Who You Are in Christ

Who are You in Christ? Guest Post by Summer Overstreet
Who Are You in Christ? Guest Post by Summer Overstreet



Scripture Cards to Remind You of Your Worth in Christ

Who are you?

No, don’t just keep reading. Stop a second and think about it? Who are you in your heart? How does your lifestyle define who you are? If someone else followed you around for a day, who would they say you are?

Hold on to your answer because we are going to come back to it.

Scripture Cards to Remind You of Your Worth in Christ

Who Are You in Christ guest post


Recently, my family and I spent a week in Disney World. I am a HUGE Disney fan! I love the magic, the fun, the atmosphere and of course, the castle! Disney World is my ultimate happy place for sure, but I never fail to learn a valuable life lesson while I am there.

During the new and incredibly awesome fireworks show, we saw a very short clip from a movie. I have seen this movie a countless number of times, but honestly, this time, I was completely rattled by what I heard.

With a very deep and serious voice, an intimidating lion convicted his son with terms like:
You have forgotten me
You have forgotten who you are
You are more than what you have become

Even though the show continued, the couple in front of me was taking a selfie and my dad was talking right beside me, I felt like my world had stopped for a minute.

Had that wise, animated lion just called me out? Was I meant to be more than the person I was? Had I forgot who God was in my day to day stuff and allowed myself to get lost in the shuffle?

Sadly, sometimes, the answer is yes. I do forget. I give into hopelessness. I pull away from following God down the difficult paths. I do not put enough emphasis on what is really important in light of eternity.  I just forget who He really is sometimes.

Is the same thing true for you, too? How do we combat this?

The biggest lesson that God has taught me this year has been about intentionality. We must be intentional in focusing on Him, spending time with Him and living our life for Him. These things just do not happen on their own. If we do not intentionally remind ourselves and stay focused on the fact that we are the daughters of the King, we can start to take on a new identity in the hard times. We can start to become less than who God meant for us to be.

So let’s go back to the original question at the beginning. Who are you? If your heart belongs to Jesus, then He tells you who you are.

  • You are strong even on your most exhausting day. You have increasing power when you are weak and just can not fight anymore. Psalm 119:28
  • You have wisdom, knowledge and joy in your life simply by living your life for God. You are blessed with these traits every day! Ecclesiastes 2:26
  • You are safe from misery. Jesus offers you an abundant life even in the midst of a laundry take over! All you have to do is take it. John 10:10
  • You are a woman who can be free from anxiety. There is Someone in your life who is willing to take on all of your worry, fear and trouble. 1 Peter 5:7
  • You are a might warrior with victory in your grasp. Yes, you! God has dressed you in strength and relaxes your enemies. Psalm 18:39
  • You are provided for. God knows your needs and the needs of your family and He will handle everything from food to clothes to basic life needs. Matthew 6:25-26
  • You have a well of contentment bubbling inside of you even on your hardest days. Whether your kids have a stomach virus, your bills are overwhelming or your job is just unbearable, you can endure those things with a content heart because Christ’s strength lives in you. Philippians 4:12-13
  • You do not have to endlessly run the hamster wheel to obtain what you need in this world. As God’s daughter, He only asks that you spend time with Him and put Him first. If you do that, He will bring you what you need. Matthew 6:32-33
  • You are not a lonely person no matter how you may feel right now. People, money, possessions…they all come and go, but Jesus said He will never leave you or turn His back on you. Hebrews 13:5
  • You are healed and restored. No matter what physical or emotional pain has come into your life over the years, you are not defined or known by it. You are whole and complete in Jesus. You are redeemed and crowned. Psalm 103:2-4

Wow! Did you pick up on all of the things that you in Christ? Do you see all of the promises and blessings that He places in your life because you are His daughter? Have you been reminded of who you really are? I prayerfully hope you have!

Do not forget who you are. Do not let the noise of daily life pull you away from remembering who God is in your life. Do ever settle for less than who you were created to be.

No matter how many weeks it’s been since you cleaned your shower, how many past due bills you have, how many bad decisions you have made or even how long it has been since you last talked to God, you are still His daughter. Intentionally chase after Him every day. He will always be there to remind you of who you are!


Summer Overstreet -- Raising A Daughter To Find Her Identity In Christ



Hey Sisters, my name is Summer Overstreet. I am a Christ believing, Sunday school teaching, sweet tea drinking Southern belle. I have been a floral designer for fifteen years and I LOVE my job! I am new to the blogging world and am seeking to encourage and inspire women to embrace a lifestyle of joy and hope in Christ. I would love to see you at jessicasummeroverstreet.com soon!




Gold Floral Scripture Cards


To go along with Summer’s post I created scripture cards to help you rehearse these biblical truths daily. It’s important to always remember who we are in Christ. All you need to do is click the desired card and print!

Floral Scripture Cards



Scripture Cards to Remind You of Your Worth in ChristScripture Cards to Remind You of Your Worth in Christ


Scripture Cards to Remind You of Your Worth in ChristScripture Cards to Remind You of Your Worth in Christ
Scripture Cards to Remind You of Your Worth in Christ









Scripture Cards to Remind You of Your Worth in ChristScripture Cards to Remind You of Your Worth in Christ




Scripture Cards to Remind You of Your Worth in Christ

Scripture Cards to Remind You of Your Worth in Christ

Scripture Cards to Remind You of Your Worth in Christ

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  1. It can be so difficult to try and keep the day-to-day from making us feel defeated. How wonderful it is to have a God as gracious as ours who wants to spend time with us. Everything else is so fickle when He is so sturdy. Praising God today!

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